Our founder , Anita Golani has been associated with the Beauty Industry for more than 17 years. After completing her Graduation in Commerce from NM College Mumbai, she did what most girls from a similar background do-‘got married and settled down’. But  Anita was cut out for a life less  ordinary.
A burning ambition,strong passion and a desire to ‘make it on her own’ is what drove this 22 year old mother of a 6 month old adorable little girl, venture out and find her calling.
The field of ‘Beauty’  is what always caught her attention and interest  and  a little newspaper cutting was all she needed to decide ‘Aromatherapy’  is her calling. Where most young mothers choose to forgo their ambition Anita took the bold step to follow her passion, but never compromised on her duties as a mother.
Blessed  with a strong support system of her husband and family she pursued a full fledged  course from Mrs.Seema Gopujkar  in ‘Aromatherapy’. Anita has always believed in adding value to her products which  inspired her to further pursue a course in ‘Cosmetology & Formulations’ from Vaze  College,Mumbai.
A career in this field was not as easy as it appears today, considering 17 years ago it was quite nascent and  the ‘Beauty Industry’ had just begun to sow its seeds in India. Anita being a woman of conviction worked  around prejudices and limited opportunities to start her own line of products. What  started with a few assignments for service and products has today blossomed into a full fledged business venture with the brand name ’Anita’s’ being well known and widely used in a large number of salons & spa