This super rich & creamy lavender butter melts onto your skin to soften & deeply moisturise. Concentrated with vitamins, anti-oxidants & anti-ageing nutrients to keep skin healthy, nourished & youthful. Pure lavender oil help relax those frayed nerves & improve circulation

A blend of lavender, orange and cinnamon that brings about a feeling of harmony and balance.

This lemongrass butter will add a zing to your step & a spring to your smile. It softens and nourishes the skin.

Melt away your stress with our Massage candles that work wonders for your skin . They moisturize and sooth the skin and are available in four exotic fragrances : Energizing, Balancing,Rejuvenating and Calming.

An effective blend with lemon grass , rosemary and cedarwood your senses and makes you feel energized.

Our deliciously fruity body butter will melt into your skin, for an intensely moisturising experience. It has a sweet strawberry scent that nourishes the skin.