A small newspaper cutting, a little goading from mom, and I landed up at the doorstep of the very talented Mrs Seema Gopujkar for a one on one course on aromatherapy.

This was 12 years ago. Since then, from offering therapies to friends and family to setting up a fledgling independent enterprise with a desire for perfection at its core, Anita’s Aromatics has grown very fast indeed.

I realized more than actually doing the therapies, designing products to better the quality of life for its users and reconnecting them to their inner self gave me a sense of true satisfaction. And the rest as they say was history.

My first corporate break came with Nail Bar. And as the spa and salon industry grew, so did the orders in my kitty. Life has offered me many roles- that of a wife, a mother of two adorable kids. And in all of these roles aromatherapy has taught me that I must be able to look at the essence, at the heart of every experience to achieve happiness, serenity and balance.

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