Massage Oils
Energising Massage Oil
Balancing Massage Oil
Relaxing Massage Oil
Massage Candles
Lemongrass Massage Balm
Body Wraps
Chocolate Wrap
Mint Masque
Green Tea Masque
Mud Masque
Crystalline Masque
Rice & Oatmeal Masque
Lemon & Walnut Masque
Olive & Tropical Wrap
Wine Gel Masque
Shea Butter Wrap
Body Washes
Orange Body Wash
Lemon Body Wash
Body Wash With Scrubbing Beads
Wine & Rose Body Wash
Lemongrass Salt Scrub
Crystalline Scrub
Mint Gel Scrub
Chocolate Scrub
Rice & Oatmeal Scrub
Lemon & Walnut Scrub
Olive & Tropical Scrub
Shea Butter Scrub
Wine Scrub
Whitening Scrub
We can customise any of these products to suit your special needs.
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