USP-reduces dandruff, improves skin appearance and texture, rich in anti-oxidants

Skin Type-All skin Types

Coconut oil is one stop destination for all beauty benefits for skin, scalp and nails. It is extracted by crushing dried coconuts by primitive cold pressed methods which help retain its unique balance of nutrients, aroma & texture. Knockout that stubborn Dandruff to keep the scalp happy and healthy or massage your face at night with it to get that soft, dewy glow and clear complexion the next morning!

How to Use

  • Benefit for skin Cleanses & Moisturizes
  • Benefit for hair Reduces Dandruff
    Thicker & Longer Hair
  • Benefit for nails Stronger nails
  • Beauty Tip for Skin – Take a few drops of Coconut oil on cotton & dab on skin every night for a deep cleansed, moisturized & radiant skin.
  • Beauty Tip for Hair – For a healthy scalp, massage a few drops of Coconut oil & apply the same on your hair shafts to boost a thicker hair growth.


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