Life is all about choosing one over the other. The same does not apply between chasing contemporary life goals or slowing down to take care of us. The true essence of wellness lies in blending both in absolute harmony. At Anita’s Aromatics, we extract aromatic compounds for everyday life compulsions and the goodness of overall positive well being to formulate the perfect life balance.

BELive range of aromatherapy products contains nature inspired organic ingredients to live upto your challenges without compromising on everyday wellness.

Every product from BELive will soon be available in regular and ‘little’ for everyday packs for your travel and easy to carry on the go convenience. From now on, no matter where life takes you, wellness stays with you.

BELive Retail Therapy range include:

  • Body soaps
  • Hand lotions
  • Face rituals
  • Body lotions
  • Foot mists
  • Body mist
  • Face packs
  • Sleep sprays
  • Anti-stress oils
  • Essential oils
  • Vegetable oils


BELive is believing in living well!