The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatment always yields side benefits, not side effects.’

Ayurveda is a proven, effective and efficient way to keep a check on your health. In today’s time with hectic schedules, unhealthy lifestyle patterns, extreme levels of stress and being surrounded with end numbers of diseases, Ayurveda is the one-stop solution for all your health problems. We at Anita’s Aromatics strongly believe in the magic of Ayurveda and thus have come up with our exclusive range of products for Ayurvedic Rituals.

Ayurveda stands out from the rest because of the complete natural approach it entails. It directly works on the root cause and positively impacts the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Ayurveda works on the belief of three energies (doshas) which resides in our body and controls our overall health. The three energies (doshas) include- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda believes that any imbalance among these three energies causes health issues. Our premium ayurvedic products strive to maintain the required balance and thereby maintain good health.

We provide a wide range of products taking care of every aspect of your health. Amalgamating aromatherapy with Ayurveda, the results are multi-fold.

Here are our ayurvedic products which ensure that you remain fit and fine all the time.

1. Udhvartana Powder

Udhvartana is an effective massage technique whereby different herbal powders are used. It alleviates one from several health issues like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, indigestion, paralysis and others.


2. Sandalwood Uptan

It is an excellent cleansing agent, rife with essential herbal powders. Sandalwood is skin’s best friend and helps deal with a number of skin issues. Use this Uptan to get radiant, smooth and flawless skin.


3. Jimmi Sticks

This is an effective tool for effective acupressure treatment. It relieves one from various pains and aches. It is preferred by various specialists.


4. Eye Pillow and Cover


Our eyes are under constant stress. It is important to provide accurate nourishment to your eyes. This eye pillow filled with flaxseeds provides gentle and comforting pressure to your eyes. The pressure relaxes and stimulates the eyes. It is also good when used during meditation. We also provide a cover to keep your eye pillow securely.


5. Herbal Potli

Filled with the goodness of herbs, this potli is the best way to relax your body muscles, open body pores and detoxify. It provides a complete rejuvenation to the body.


6. Ksheeradhara Powder

It is the best replacement for the usual soaps which carry high amounts of chemicals and preservatives which may harshly impact your skin. This natural ingredient protects your skin and improves it further.

8. Bhringharaj Hair Oil

This super ayurvedic herb oil works wonders for your hair. Infused with Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Iron, this oil instantly replenishes your hair.


8. Shirodhara Massage Oil

Shirodhara is a massage technique that involves pouring oil on the forehead and gradually moving towards massaging the body. It is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and pain. Use our Shirodhara massage oil for the best results.


9. Abhyangam Massage Oil

This warm oil massage technique is beneficial for the skin and helps improve blood circulation.


10. Ayurvedic Massage Oil

This massage oil is exactly what your body needs. Replenish and rejuvenate yourself with the magic of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has infinite benefits. We at Anita’s Aromatics believe in the power of Ayurveda and have come up with our premium ayurvedic products. Reach out to us via our website and social media handles to know more about our products.