Touch the Body – Heal the Mind – Calm the Spirit


The word Spa is believed to have been derived from the Belgian village by the same name. Originally spas were built around hot water or mineral water springs and used for therapeutic reasons. From ancient Greeks and Romans to modern times, the body spa has evolved into one of the most sought-after experiences for self-care.

Body Spas does not just provide holistic care to the body. They also contribute to a person’s mental and emotional well-being. But apart from providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, body spa rituals also take care of multiple skin issues and deeply nourish it.

The good thing is that the various rituals followed in a body spa can also be individually done at home at your convenience. Here we have tried to create a guideline to help you understand the different uses and benefits of the components used in a body spa.


1. Can we use a body scrub on our face?
  • Scrubs are only intended to be used on your body, not your face. The facial skin is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body. Avoid exfoliating skin that is: sunburned.


2. How often should you use a body scrub?
  • Body scrubs can be used twice or thrice a week for most skin types. But for dry and sensitive skin, you can use it once a week for exfoliation.


3. Should you use a body scrub if you have acne?

  • It is safe to use a body scrub even if you have acne. A scrub will clear up closed pores over time and reduce the occurrence of acne. Please note that a body scrub is an overnight cure for skin problems but an integral part of the skincare regime.


4. Is coffee body scrub good for your skin?
  • Yes, it is. Caffeine is rich in antioxidants that effectively battles various skin issues like premature skin ageing like wrinkles, sunspots and fine lines.


5. Is body butter or lotion better?
  • Body lotions are designed for daily moisturising and tend to be less greasy. Body butter is thicker and heavier creams meant for intense hydration. Body butter should be used for dry skin or normal skin in dry weather conditions. Body lotions can be used for all skin types.


6. Can body butter be used on your skin as a moisturiser?

  • Body butter is an exceptional moisturiser and can also be used on the face as long as you don’t experience any irritation due to certain ingredients. Body butter provides a luxurious moisturising experience.


7. Can body wrap/masque tighten or loosen your skin?

  • Body wraps/masques can remove toxins, reduce cellulite, tighten and hydrate the skin. They help rejuvenate your skin and give it a fresh look.


8. Are body wraps/masques good for cellulite?

  • While body wraps/masques won’t melt away your cellulite, they may provide some temporary benefits. Depending on the ingredients, body wraps/masques may help exfoliate, cleanse, and soften skin. You can compress fat, making body wraps/masques capable of creating a smoother appearance immediately after removing the wrap/masque.


9. Can body massage reduce fat?
  • Studies have shown that deep tissue massages improve blood circulation and metabolism. This, in turn, can be helpful in fat reduction. Combined with diet and exercise, massage can become a part of your wellness regime.


10. Where can I buy Anita’s Aromatics body spa kits?

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We hope this blog helped clear your doubts, and you are excited to buy your first self-care product. Do reach out to us for any further queries, and don’t forget to check out the enticing range of products on our website.