Each one of us has some favourite memory related to Diyas. The sheer joy that they spread is much more than their tiny light. A Diya is a symbol of hope, a flicker of stubborn brightness against the darkness of the world. It renews our faith in the ability of a small object, making a big difference in the world around it. But beyond the symbolism, there is also a very well-established fact of the soothing and reflective effect of a Diya or Candle.

No one can deny the positive energy and relaxing vibes generated around a Diya or Candle. They not just illuminate the surroundings but calm your senses. Especially if these are scented candles, you are in for a relaxing treat for all your senses.

That is perhaps the reason that scented candles have been used for ages to enhance the atmosphere for any special occasions.

Is it of any surprise that such a wonderful thing would be kept away from the world of skincare? We all know that the best way to achieve a glowing complexion is to have a completely relaxed mind. And what is better than an avalanche of aromatic candles to soothe away all the troubles from your mind?

A little about our candles

Our specially blended massage and scrub candles are crafted to design an exquisite skincare ritual. Blended with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Sea Salt, our candles are 10  0% vegan and cruelty-free. We ensure that there is no lead or zinc in our candles. The wicks inserted in the candles are completely natural. These wicks are smokeless; hence the burning of the candles will create a soothing and fragrant atmosphere without irritating the senses with harmful smoke. They are free of any artificial dyes or preservatives, providing a completely natural ritual.

All our candles are in mono dose packaging, to maintain hygiene & reduce wastage in usage.

It also enables the spas & salons to keep a check on the quantity consumed more effectively.

Adding this unique Candle Therapy to your services will help you stand apart this festive season and offer your clients an opportunity to try an innovative experience that will not just rejuvenate their skin but also their spirit. Just light up the candle, allow it to melt and pour it out.

Mani-Pedi kit

Enjoy the visual of the lighted candle and its soothing effect on your eyes. As the candle burns, revel in the exotic aromas and allow yourself to get lost in a cloud of scented air. And just as you feel that nothing can get more relaxing than this, feel the wark silken touch of the melted candle wax on your skin. Available in enticing fragrances of Tangy, Oriental and Relaxing Gardenia.

Body Massage

 We urge you to experience the warm enveloping luxury of liquid wax covering your entire body. Let your body be infused with Vitamins A and E as the wax is gently massaged on your body. Shea butter will not just heal damaged skin but also protect against future stress. Let jojoba oil work its moisturising magic on your skin without blocking the pores.

Body Scrub

This heavenly experience will take you to a different plane of existence, leaving behind all the stress and worries of this world. Our Scrub Candles are an excellent way to nourish, exfoliate and encourage skin cell regeneration. Sea Salt is a gentle exfoliant perfect for encouraging cell renewal and adding that youthful glow.

Available in balancing, relaxing and energising variants for massage. And energising scrub for the body scrub.

This Diwali ENHANCE your love affair with the Diyas and explore the pleasures of the indulgent candle treatments for a Radiant Looking Skin.

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