Everything in this world requires attention from time to time. Any machine in your house needs regular servicing. The annual cleaning of the house before Diwali is nothing but a form of service that you perform to keep your home in top-performing capacity. This care that we show for our appliances, cars, or house is our way of taking care of these things. If these inanimate objects need regular maintenance and attention, what about our body?

Before the festive season, we ensure that our house is not just cleaned thoroughly but also lovingly decorated. We do this not only to please Goddess Laxmi but also because it gives us immense satisfaction to have our home sparkling during the Diwali.

Isn’t it time that we apply the same principle to our body? The way we feel emotionally is intrinsically connected to how happy we are physically. Pampering ourselves is not just an act of physical indulgence but also about mental rejuvenation.

A relaxed and refreshed body leads to a happy and content state of mind. So why not give ourself the ultimate gift and create an aura of happiness through therapeutic rituals that not just soothe your skin but touch your soul.

Let us begin with the face. If we are a brand, then our face is definitely the billboard.

Tea Tree Shine Clear Facial Kit

This unique kit is designed to give your face a complete clean-up. It helps remove all the toxins caused by pollution and dirt. Essential oils like Tea tree, vetiver and chamomile work their magic to reduce excess sebum leaving your skin fresh. The final matt tone gives a non-shining healthy glow to the skin, which is perfect is a perfect canvas to splash on some glamorous makeup.

From the face, let’s move on to the body. Skin, after all, is the largest organ and needs to take special care off.


The goodness of strawberry extracts which is known for its skin-toning and cleansing properties is combined with sugar to create a refreshing and effective scrub. This scrub helps in removing dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. The infusion of oils further enhances its skin moisturising and nourishing abilities. And if all this has not convinced you to try our product, let us entice you with the sweet scent of strawberries that will make your senses sing.


It’s creamy; it’s fruity, it’s delicious enough to eat. But we have concocted this luxurious Body Butter primarily to provide a high-intensity moisturising experience for your skin. We invite you to revel in the smooth silken aftermath of this strawberry-filled indulgence.


Fruits have always been best friends of your skin. So we at Anita’s Aromatic decided to create a fruit cocktail masque to drench your skin with vital vitamins. As refreshing as having a chilled fruit juice on a hot summer day, this masque will soothe away all irritations and tighten and whiten your skin.

While pampering the body, how can we forget our hands and feet?

Caramel Cane sugar Mani-Pedi Kit

When your hand and feet require care and cleansing with love, look no further. This kit contains natural cane sugar and walnut husks along with the goodness of buttermilk, honey and milk. Taking a mani-pedi ritual with this kit will leave you with refreshed feet and soft hands.

When we have covered the entire body, why not also make our hair happy with some special attention.

Aromatic Oils

Relax, hydrate and nourish your hair with exotic aromatic essential oils to leave then sighing with pleasure. These oils will deeply condition your hair while the gentle massage will help in realising stress. There is nothing more pleasurable than getting lost in the delicate aroma of these oils.

So, this festive season introduce cleansing rituals to your clients and gently encourage them to embrace a completely new experience.

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