What does aromatherapy mean to you ?
In my years of business, I have realized that people get attached or are fond of certain aromas. These aromas ring a bell in your head, arouse certain memories & remind you of your unfulfilled desires. These aromas invigorate your senses & stay with you for a lifetime.

These aromas are so naturally ingrained in our DNA, that an unpleasant aroma can ruin your day, cause a headache & leave you feeling under the weather. But on the flip side, there are certain aromas that perk you up, make you happy, remind you of someone you love, bring that smile back on your face.

Similarly when we have a client who steps into your salon / spa, it is very important, that we have the right aroma to uplift the entire ambience of the salon.

The right aroma to make you feel relaxed & calm when they enter your spa & salon. I strongly recommend the use of essential oils in your salon diffusers. A lemongrass can uplift your senses & leave you feeling refreshed & energized. A citronella can help you mask unwanted aromas in your salon & also keep flies at bay. Camphor is known to ward off negative energies & vibes from your salon, so it is a good thing to use it first thing in the morning in your salon to begin the day with positive vibes only attitude. A lavender can be used in your facial or spa rooms to help the client feel relaxed & rejuvenated. Patchouli / frankincense can be recommended to a hyper stressed out client, both these oils are also highly recommended when you meditate.

Tea tree has immunity booster properties to keep you safe from bacteria & everyday risk of catching cold which is very essential in recent times.

We play an important role in taking care of the client mind set. In my interaction with salon & spa owners I have also been told that the clients pour their heart out, thus you also play an important role of a psychologist or their ‘ go to ‘ person who will not judge them. How about suggesting some essential oils for their home care? Essential oils can be used in their bath by adding a few drops to their bucket of water, add it to the diffuser, add it to a base oil & use it for massage or simply add a few drops on the back of their hand or on the temples of their forehead & inhale the aroma all day to enhance their well being.

We at Anita’s Aromatics house a huge range of essential oils & diffusers. We have conventional as well as eco- certified essential oils. Some of our hot sellers are lemongrass, citronella, lavender, camphor, lemon, neroli, patchouli, geranium & frankincense to name a few. Visit us on Anita's Aromatics to know about our essential oils.

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