Essential oils are primarily used in aromatherapy whereby concentrated plant extracts are used to promote health and well-being. These extracts that retain the source of natural aromas and flavours, offer alternative health remedies for the mind and body. Essential oils are filled with nature’s goodness and aid in encouraging better mental, physical and emotional health. They have an endless list of benefits, but being untouched by chemicals makes it one of the purest and best ingredients to use. These pure and harmless essential oils help to enhance beauty and replenish health in the purest way.

Today off the shelf products are laced with chemicals that are harmful to skin and hair in the long run as they contain toxic ingredients. Though temporarily these products promise and reflect best results, eventually they are harmful to our sensitive skin. The side effects from the use of such chemical based products pose health risks ranging from allergies and irritation to even cancer.

However, the risks of chemical beauty products should not discourage anyone from pursuing their beauty goals. Apart from the beautification, such rituals are important to provide extra care and nourishment which may not be possible otherwise. Replacing these chemical products with essential oils is a positive move to help take care of skin and hair in the purest way.

Anita’s Aromatics brings a range of essential oils to ensure a perfect care-taker for your customers keeping the chemicals at bay. These essential oils carry a bunch of health benefits promoting a comprehensive well-being package.


Tea Tree is highly suggested by the World’s best spas & salons for various treatments.

• Augments skin health
• Boosts immunity and prevents infections
• Prevents dandruff and hair-fall
• Beneficial for respiratory disorders
• Promotes oral health
• Beneficial for acne-prone skin
• Reduces blemishes
• Acts as an antiseptic
• Insect repellent
• Relaxing effect on the body and mind
• It can help people with an anxiety issue, chronic stress, or insomnia


Basil essential oil is extracted from the herb basil and works wonders promoting overall well-being.

• Enhances mood, improves digestion, increase alertness, and soothes muscle aches
• Reduces itchy scalp infections
• Natural skin cleanser
• Beneficial for acne-prone skin
• Helps with cough, colds, Bronchitis, Sinusitis
• It is helpful in condition of gout and rheumatism
• Reputed to stimulate, clarify, calm, fortify, energize and uplift the mind
• Helps in promoting clarity of the mind and calming the nerves; thereby, relieving feelings of anxiety and stress
• Keep mosquitoes at bay


Cinnamon essential oil is majorly used in aromatherapy. It has a warm and sweet aroma and is known for its pleasing fragrance. The oil is made from the bark or the leaves of the cinnamon tree.

• Enhances skin health
• Improves circulation
• Relaxes tired frayed nerves.
• Clarify the imperfections in your skin
• Works perfectly for uneven skin tone & skin imperfections
• Reduces stress
• Relieves pain
• Fights off infections
• Improves digestion
• Protection against insects.
• Natural remedy for health concerns ranging from cough and colds to constipation.
• Highly antibacterial


Rosemary is a culinary and healing herb. It is also a wonderful oil use for skin-care. It is an evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and a woody aroma.

• Known for its antiseptic properties
• Helps in rapid skin cell regeneration
• Promotes hair growth & prevents premature greying of hair
• Combat gastrointestinal stress
• Relieve stress and anxiety
• Reduce pain and inflammation
• Fight bad breath
• May improve brain function

The advantage of getting a beauty treatment using essential oils, it that it not only helps in enhancing skin and hair but also gives you a plethora of other health benefits. Salons and spas can create innovative treatments to offer clients rejuvenation filled with nature’s goodness for better health and overall well-being. Check our website for our entire range of products.

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