A season of refreshing showers and rainbows in the sky. Monsoon has a magical quality about it that pleases the senses. But it also brings along a bunch of skin problems.

Salons receive many worried queries from clients pertaining to skin issues and desire for an effective and quick treatment for the same. The sudden increase in the humidity levels in the atmosphere alters the skin condition and can cause a plethora of skin ailments. Skin tends to get dry, itchy and irritated during the monsoon. Eczema, fungal infection, blackheads, skin allergies, and rashes are common issues usually faced during this season.

It is not just our health but also our skin that is equally at risk with the onset of monsoon. Thus, one needs to be careful and adopt ways to protect oneself from the effects of the weather. Due to the constantly varying temperature and humidity levels during this season, opting for natural aromatic products is preferable. Aromatic products instilled with the goodness of unadulterated and highly concentrated natural extracts act as a great healing agent. Introduce products from Anita’s Aromatics to your clients and help them deal with various skin issues with the goodness of pure aromatic products.

Here, we bring some of our exclusive products, which can prove to be an elixir of sorts for your clients who have a tough time dealing with skin issues:

  1. Express Facial Kit

Do your clients find it challenging to pay attention to their skin issues with their busy schedules and ask for a quick remedy? We bring the Express Facial Kit, which can yield wonderful results, thoroughly nourishing your skin quickly. This kit is filled with the goodness of Vitamin E, Niacinamide which shields skin from various monsoon-related skin issues. In addition, lavender oil rejuvenates the skin and kills bacteria, Vetiver oil, which helps maintain the pH balance and Chamomile oil, which helps to deal with acne. This is a quick-fix solution addressing various skin issues at the same time. 

  1. Deep Pore Moist Facial Kit

This comprehensive Deep Pore Moist Facial Kit leads to deep cleaning and simultaneously hydrates and brightens the skin. It is rife with Niacinamide, which regulates oil formation, turmeric oil that imparts a glow and antiseptic properties, AHA fruit enzymes that exfoliate dead cells, and Arbutin, helping to get even skin tone various other super ingredients. This kit instantly elevates your skin condition and gives you a rejuvenating experience.

  1. Tea Tree Shine Clear Facial Kit

This Tea Tree Shine Clear Facial Kit will surely give a healthy boost to your skin and alleviate significant skin issues. It helps in perfect cleaning, removing toxic elements leaving behind impeccably healthy-looking skin. It contains Tea Tree Oil which reduces dryness and fights fungal infection, Vetiver Oil which balances the pH level and hydrates the skin, Chamomile oil which moisturises the skin, Aloe Vera enriches the skin with antioxidants, collagen and healing properties and Apple Cider Vinegar destroys bacteria and removes dead skin cells. This kit helps keep multiple rainy season-related skin issues at bay.

Though monsoons can have devastating effects on the skin, with products from Anita’s Aromatics, your clients can beat the monsoon and look ravishing during the rains. Visit our website to look at our range of products that promise a refreshing experience for your clients.

We at Anita’s Aromatics also have started with our affiliate marketing program where salons and spas acting as affiliates can help their clients avail of our aromatic products directly. Information about our affiliate program is also available on the website.

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