“Zodiac signs are the anchors that, when unearthed, unveils a part unknown.”

Zodiac signs have always garnered attention. They are considered a strong determinant of our personality and constitute the essence of a person. Similarly, essential oils capture the essence of plants, and they help in internal healing and alleviating the root cause of an issue. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts whereby only the purest extracts with the essence are liquified in the form of oils. They have been an integral part of aromatherapy for ages. Since these oils are highly concentrated, they are used in small quantities and with carrier oils. At Anita’s Aromatics, we provide you with the purest essential oils filled with their natural goodness. They are highly effective in dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It is also proven beneficial in promoting mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. They have a host of benefits that ensures overall wellbeing.

Let’s further explore the interesting connection of essential oils with zodiac signs:


One identifying with Aries will agree that they are prone to stress, and at the same time, they are passionate, owing to the influence of Mars. Lavender Essential Oil is apt for you all as it will help relax the nerves and provide an instant serenity.


Ruled by Venus, they have an inclination towards sensuality and indulgence, which can be further augmented by the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, as its aroma help strike the perfect balance by boosting up your mood and thereby attain a balanced approach to things.


Geminis usually inch towards getting nervous and losing calm quickly. Thus, Eucalyptus Oil would be perfect for them as its pleasant smell gives a sense of ease and relieves headaches and excessive stress.


Cancerians are moody and unpredictable since the Moon rules them. Neroli Oil can be suitable to provide some calm as it’s proven to improve mental health, concentration and sleep cycle.


Leos are often filled with energy and brimming with courage. To help them sustain these energy levels, the powerful fragrance of Cinnamon is apt as it helps in improving blood circulation, keeping one active and is a great mood enhancer.


Virgos have an inexplicable trait of worrying and pondering over minute issues. The Lemon fragrance may be a welcome change for such moods, where the fresh and rejuvenating smell helps you eliminate such thoughts.


Libras are eternally cursed with procrastination, and that can completely let everything for a toss. The sharp smell of Frankincense can help increase focus and concentration.


Scorpions have a mystic vibe with a strong intuitive sense. They are prone to emotional stress and often get stuck in their loop. The aroma of Patchouli helps ease such situations as it aids sleeping, anxiety and stress.


They have a freedom-loving attitude and are rife with certain adventurousness and boldness. Thus to amplify this entire mood, Orange oil is the perfect match as it enhances the mood and keeps one going!


Capricorns can suffer from stiffness and can be worried on several occasions. Clove oil can relieve both issues and act as a catalyser to ensure a good going!


Aquarians are assertive and pioneering and often have a thoughtful approach to things. Rosemary can be suitable oil to help them maintain calmness and ease stress.


Piscean are dreamers and also compassionate. Cedarwood‘s grounding fragrance can help stimulate the mind and provide you with the warmth you spread around like confetti!

We hope you have found your perfect match for essential oils! Please let us know how you experience using the essential oil best suited to your zodiac sign. Visit our website to know more.

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