New acne occurring due to wearing masks!

Masks have become a part of our life, and there is no denying that it will be the same for a long time, and so is your struggle to deal with maskne. Developing maskne, which is also known as mask acne, is a common side effect of wearing masks, and you are not alone in it.

We are all used to treating regular acne and go gangbusters on them. Still, it is not the same with maskne as you have to be extra careful because it can also cause various skin issues, including rosacea and contact dermatitis. You can’t avoid your masks which is the primary cause is a problem here, so you have to take care of maskne with the masks still being involved.

Most of the times, maskne is the result of clogged pores. We already have dead skin cells and bacteria developing, and masks provide them with favourable conditions. Masks also trap the humidity that there is because of our breathing process, which increases the risk of acne.

Some people are also allergic to the material of their mask, and their skin starts breaking out, but they don’t seem to catch the cause because of less awareness about maskne and therefore here are a few maskne prevention tips:

Choose the right mask

It is essential to choose the right mask, which is snugly but not too tight and is made up of natural fabric like cotton. If you use disposable masks, throw them away after every use and never use it again. You can always keep more than one disposable masks handy if you think you might require it.

Take a break from makeup

You can avoid using makeup, for the time being, creating layers in between your mask and skin will not let your skin breathe and cause maskne. We use too many beauty products and often forget that less is more, maskne is an excellent excuse to switch to the most basic skincare routine.

Moisturize before wearing a mask

If your skin type is dry, you are highly recommended to use a moisturizer before wearing a mask not to cause irritation. You should not skip using a moisturizer even if your skin type is not dry because it acts as a barrier between your skin and mask. Moisturizer before wearing mask, gentle cleanser after using a mask is something to stick by.

Remove your mask every couple of hours

It would be best if you let your skin breathe and give it a break. You should do this only when you can maintain physical distance and give your skin 15 minutes of its own.

How our anti-acne kit can come to the rescue

Even after all the preventive measures if you have to deal with maskne or have already got it, we at Anita’s Aromatics are here to help you out.

Our ANTI ACNE KIT is enriched with tea tree oil, lemon peel, chamomile and other antioxidants. The kit includes a tea tree gel and mask, which helps reduce inflammation, whereas other contents will help decrease acne blemishes and breakouts. The antioxidants will help prevent acne in the future, and the lemon peel will reduce the uneven tanning that happens due to wearing your mask outdoors. All in all ANTI ACNE KIT is like a superhero on a mission to save you from maskne.

At Anita’s Aromatics, we would also stress paying more attention to your face care routine and getting regular facials done. You can explore a wide range of our facial products from a refreshing VITAMIN C RICH FACIAL KIT to the exotic DEAD SEA FACIAL KIT.  Connect with us today to know more about what products to use for your skin type.

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