USP-Hydrates Dry Skin , Cleanses & Detoxifies Scalp

Skin Type-Oily, Acne Prone , Mature, Normal Skin

How to Use

  • Moisturise your skin: Take 2-3 drops on your palms and gently dab it on clean face. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes.
  • Bid adieu to dry skin: Apply a light layer of moringa oil before applying your moisturizer and get a thoroughly hydrated skin.
  • For a soft, smooth and supple skin: Mix in 1:1 ratio with jojoba or apricot kernel oil and add few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as a body massage oil to get a beautifully moisturized skin.
  • Healthy scalp, healthy hair: massaging a few drops of moringa oil and leave it on overnight
  • Get your makeup on point: Massage ½ tsp oil to use it as a natural makeup primer on your face before applying makeup
  • Nailing the nail game: Apply few drops directly on the nails daily for nourishing dry and brittle nails
  • Curl story: Use it as a leave-in serum on curly hair to get those perfect ringlets.
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