USP-Reduces Hairfall, improves skin health, has anti-ageing properties

Skintype-suits all skin types

This Spanish wonder is popular worldwide for its rich and extraordinary minerals and high protein content. Give your scalp a moisture treat or provide a long lasting shield to your skin to sustain its elasticity and softness.

How to Use

  • Benefit for skin  Repairs damaged skin
    Younger looking skin & glow
  • Benefit for hair  Boosts hair growth
    Shinning & lustrous hair
  • Benefit for nails  Boosts healthy nail growth
  • Beauty Tip for Skin – Use 3 drops of Olive oil daily on skin to even tone the skin’s texture & replenish skin’s nourishment. 2 drops of Olive oil under the eyes can help reduce dark circles & puffiness.
  • Beauty Tip for Hair – A few drops of Olive Oil regularly used thrice a week can strengthen hair roots & boosts high protein content in hair shafts for manageable & frizz-free hair.
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