Many of us believe that the end of the summer season also calls for an end of our pedicure routine because of course who will notice what is under the cute, colourful socks. We tend to forget that pedicures do much more than make our toenails look beautiful.

At Anita’s Aromatics, we believe that pedicures are the most basic care that the feet need for getting us through the year, especially after summers because of all the wear and tear, everyday exposure, dehydration and our habit of walking barefoot. When low temperatures hit, and you are suddenly supposed to deal with the flaky skin that is when the pedicures come into the picture.

As important as it is to take care of your feet after summers, there are multiple reasons why it’s necessary during winters as well. Winters call for dry and flaky skin which is a significant cause for cracked heels that sometimes lead to deep cracks, bleeding and infections.

During winters there are more chances for ingrowth of toenails which can be painful. Besides giving you beautiful feet, pedicures in the winter season will reduce the chances of dry skin causing discomfort. Therefore it’s suggested to look after your feet throughout the year to provide them with basic relaxation and care!

Here are a few reasons that will help you not skip your winter pedicure routine:

Treats calluses and corns

Calluses and corns are something to be taken care of for the entire year. They are solidified, developed layers of flaky, dry skin that can damage and break if they get excessively thick, which expands the danger of infections. You can use Anita’s Aromatics’ Divine chocolate kit made from different muds to give you soft and smooth feet.

Easy Maintenance

If you ignore your feet for an extended period, they will become unmanageable. With the regular upkeep, you will be able to enjoy soft and supple feet throughout the year. Anyway, well-groomed feet will do no harm but instead be a factor that increases your confidence.

Improves blood circulation in winters

Nothing can make you as relaxed as a great massage that develops heat and increases blood circulation in winters will. The entire process of pedicure starting from scrubbing to the oil massage, in the end, will make you feel warm, rejuvenated and relaxed in the winters. Anita’s Aromatics’ Aroma manicure and pedicure kit includes soak, scrub and oil that softens the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Prevents ingrowth of toenails

During winters, we are obligated to choose the footwears that ultimately lead to compress and pressure toenails, promoting their ingrowth. A professional pedicure will guarantee that your nails are dealt with and cut to the right length, leaving you with healthy nails.

There aren’t any good reasons to wait for anymore, go get your feet all glammed while winters are still here! Try our DIVINE CHOCOLATE KIT or the very popular CARAMEL CANE-SUGAR KIT or gift yourself a bit of luxury with our very special VINO KIT. These Kits and all other Kits in our hand and foot care range are crafted to take care of all the above-mentioned issues while giving you a pleasurable experience.

We are sure that you will not just end up having fabulous looking feet but also feel on top of the world after trying our specialised range of products.

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