Abhyangam Massage Oil

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Warm massage from head to toe to improve health and wellness.
An abhyanga massage is done with warm oil. The warm oil is massaged into your body from head to toe with gentle strokes It is an age old practice that is carried on till date because of its amazing healing and wellness benefits.

Size: 1L


  1. Reduces stress
  2. Relaxes your muscles
  3. Lowers high blood pressure
  4. Increases blood circulation
  5. Reduces cellulite
  6. Makes your skin texture soft
  7. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  8. Reduces muscle stiffness
  9. Decreases hyper-pigmentation

How To Use

  1. Warm one and half cup of abhyangam massage oil using a double boiling method. (Note: Do not heat the oil directly.)
  2. Pour this lukewarm oil into an empty shampoo bottle or a squeeze bottle.
  3. Massage entire body, including your scalp with this oil.
  4. For your joints, scalp, chest, face, abdomen, etc. use clockwise circular motions. For your legs, arms and back, massage in straight long motions.
  5. Relax for ten to fifteen minutes after your massage is done. This will allow the body to soak in the abhyangam oil.
  6. Take a warm bath after this. (make sure to use a gentle cleanser while bathing)


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