Aroma Masque

A nourishing face mask with orange peel extracts that tones, firms and hydrates the skin. It minimizes pores and soaks excess sebum from the skin. It gives you a fresh and glowy face, ready to slay! 
Size: 500g


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Key Ingredients

1) Jasmine Oil – 
– Soothing oil that relaxes nerves 
– Increases in blood oxygen saturation 
– Its antibacterial properties help fight various bacteria. 
– Reduces muscle soreness. 
– It has wound healing properties that speed up new tissue formation and heals scars faster. 
2) Lavender Essential Oil 
– Kills acne by fighting bad bacteria 
– Reduces wrinkles 
– Helps lighten skin tone 
– Reduces skin inflammation 
– Soothes sunburns 
– Helps your nerves relax 
3) Olive Oil 
– Hydrates and nourishes dull, dry skin. 
– The anti-oxidants in olive oil help fight the free radical damage. 
– The oleic acid as well as the antioxidant oleocanthal in olive oil protect your skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation. 
– Breaks down waxy makeup products with ease. 
– Kills off the bacteria that causes acne 
4) Shea Butter – 
– Shea’s fatty acid content moisturizes dry skin 
– Reduces skin inflammation 
– Restores skin elasticity 
– Anti-Free Radical Agent 
– Anti-bacterial 
– Powerful anti-fungal properties 
– Shea butter contains triterpenes that boost collagen formation 
– It is an effective sunscreen. 
– Helps soothe sunburn and other skin burns 
5) Aloe Vera Extract – 
– Anti-inflammatory in nature 
– Inhibits moisturizing and healing properties. 
– Treats sunburns 
– Slows down signs of aging because of its antioxidant effect. 
– Aloe vera also supports the production and release of collagen in your skin, making it look younger and healthier with regular use. 
– Its nourishing & healing properties help restore the skin’s texture to its former suppleness. 

How To Use

  1. Wash your face with your daily cleanser or face wash and pat dry. Apply the masque on your face with the help of a brush or simply with your hands.
  2. Let the mask stay for 10 mins and wash it off with water.
  3. Follow this step with any of your favorite moisturizer, toner, face oil, or face serum to lock in the moisture.
    You can also create a facial ritual by using our LEMON CLEANSER, AROMA SCRUB , LAVENDER BUTTER and then ending it with the AROMA MASQUE


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