Caramel Cane Sugar Kit(Pack of 3)

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Cane sugar and Lactic acid for rejuvenated and smooth skin.
Our Caramel Cane sugar manicure pedicure kit ensures cell regeneration by eliminating dead and dull skin issues. You’ll experience softer, refreshed skin carrying a natural glow.

Each kit contains
Cuticle Cream -2gm
Caramel canesugar  soak -10g
Caramel canesugar  scrub -10gm
Caramel canesugar balm-10gm
Caramel canesugar mask -10gm


Key Ingredients

1) Caramel Cane sugar –
– Refreshed your skin
– Opens up clogged pores
– Hydrates your skin

2) Honey –
– Balances bacteria on your skin
– Speeds up your skin cells’ healing processes
– Speeds up healing and reduce inflammation
– Lightens dark spots
– Fades scar marks

3) Milk Powder –
– Rich in lactic acid
– Lightens and smoothens the skin
– Higher concentration of vitamins and minerals
– Boosts skin health
– Acts as a fantastic cleanser
– Hydrates your skin

4) Walnut Oil –
– Stimulates skin growth
– Fights inflammatory skin disorders
– Promote wound healing
– Inhibits high amounts of omega-6 fatty acid

How To Use

1) Firstly, clean and file your nails.
2) Apply CUTICLE CREAM (2 grams) on the nails
3) Take a tub of warm water and add 10 ml of CARAMEL CANE SUGAR SOAK. Soak your hand and feet in the tub for around eight to ten minutes.
4) Now, with the help of a scrubber, scrub the feet to remove the softened dead skin.
5) Clean and push back the cuticles. Trim them if need be.
6) Massage the CARAMEL CANE SUGAR SCRUB (10 gms) in circular motions for around five minutes. Give the hands and feet steam and massage till the sugar melts.
7) Remove the product with a clean damp cloth after the massage.
8) Massage the hands and feet with CARAMEL CANE SUGAR BALM for eight to ten minutes.
9) Remove Product
10) For the final part, apply CARAMEL CANE SUGAR MASK on the hands and feet with the help of a brush in one direction.
11) Leave this paste on for eight to ten minutes.
12) Final step, remove the product with a clean damp cloth.


– Lightens dark spots/patches
– Smoother skin texture
– Fades scar marks by boosting new cell generation
– Hydrates and moisturizes your skin


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