Coconut Butter

This cream is part of our coconut range. It is enriched with cold pressed virgin coconut oil, wheatgerm, desiccated coconut, mineral salt, walnut oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, nutmeg oil and almond oil. Experience a creamy indulgence with this coconut kit that will leave your skin super moisturized.

Size: 500g


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Key Ingredients

The components of our coconut range contain these key ingredients –
1) Cold pressed virgin coconut oil 
– Relieve Skin Irritation
– Reduces inflammation.
– Increases hydration by trapping moisture inside your skin barrier, making it look healthy and supple.
– Inhibits anti-inflammatory properties
– Treats sunburn and redness
– Increases collagen production (thanks to the lauric acid content in it)
– Reduces signs of aging
– Helps the skin retain a natural firmness and elasticity with regular application.
– Fades dark patches (when backed up with the right blend of ingredients)

2) Wheatgerm oil 
– Fights dryness
– Treats acne and scar marks
– Tackles skin inflammation

3) Desiccated coconut 
– As as an excellent natural scrub. (gentle on your skin)

4) Mineral Salts 
– Binds your skin together
– Improves skin hydration
– Strengthens skin’s barrier
– Cleanses pores and balances oil production
– Reduces acne formation

5) Walnut oil 
– Great antioxidant
– Fights wrinkles and fine lines

6) Almond oil
– Improves skin tone
– Helps reduce puffiness
– Reduces dark circles
– An excellent makeup remover
– Hydrates and retains moisture on your skin
– Aids in reducing acne formation

7) Rosemary Essential Oil 
– Proven to improve brain function
– Stimulates hair growth
– Hels ease stress
– Acts as a mild pain reliever
– Increases blood circulation

8) Thyme Oil 
– Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants
– Treats acne, scars, pimples, etc.
– Boosts blood circulation
– Protects skin from harmful fungal infections

9) Nutmeg Oil 
– Treats acne
– Reduces dark spots and blemishes
– Reduces wrinkles
– Helps you achieve radiant looking skin

How To Use

Dab the cream on your skin in gentle circular motions. Let the cream seep into your skin properly.


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Get Flat 10% OFF on your first order.
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