iORA Callus Softener

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Enriched with Aloe, Green Apple and Orange extracts for a soft and supple feet.
Constant walking, working out and running around can be dreadful for your skin. This?repetitive?pressure gives rise to calluses. Some people also need medical attention if calluses are ignored for a long time. Therefore, we bring you?iORA’s?Organic Callus Softener. It’s easy to use application allows you to get rid of stubborn calluses without expensive treatments and from the comforts of your home. Settle down with?iORA’s?Callus softener and call it a day by indulging in some much-needed?self care! Loaded with the goodness of GREEN APPLE, ORANGE and ALOE VERA EXTRACT so that you can achieve amazingly soft feet. Simply, SPRAY, WAIT & SCRUB! Yeah, it’s that simple! – Easy-to-use Spray Bottle – Made with?Organic?Ingredients – Gentle enough to be used every day without harming your skin.?


USPs –?

– 100% Vegan?

– 100% Organic?

– Sulfate-free?

– Paraben-free?

– Affordable Rates?

– 0 Harmful and Nasty Chemicals?

– Our brand is against Animal Testing?

– Easy to Use?

– Effective results?

Key Ingredients

What makes our Callus Softener so effective? The answer is the blend of robust Organic ingredients used in its making. Take a look –
1) Glycerin –
– Highly effective in restoring moisture to the dull and dry skin. It also reduces itchiness and makes the rough calluses easier to eliminate.

2) Urea –
– Helps in removing dead tissues, hydrates the skin by retaining water, exfoliates dead skin & improve the overall cellular turnover. It is also effective in strengthening the skin barrier and treating dry skin issues.

3) Green Apple Extract –
– An antioxidant that promotes younger looking skin. Apples are also rich in vitamin C, they prevent premature aging, and enhance skin glow.

4) Orange Extract –
– A stress busting agent that reduces pain and inflammation while also improving the skin texture by providing moisturise & nourishment to the affected area.

5) Aloevera Extract –
As we all know the myrid benefits of Aloevera –
– Anti-inflammatory in nature
– Inhibits moisturizing and healing properties.
– Treats sunburns
– Slows down signs of aging because of its antioxidant effect.
– Aloe vera also supports the production and release of collagen in your skin, making it look younger and healthier with regular use.
Its nourishing & healing properties help restore the skin’s texture to its former suppleness.

How To Use

1. Spray a sufficient amount of liquid on the callused skin.
2. Leave it on for 3-4 mins so that the calluses get soft.
3. Use a foot file to buff off unwanted calluses easily.


1) Eliminate Dead Skin
2) Attain Baby Soft Feet
3) Reveal a clean exfoliated skin
4) Freedom from painful calluses
5) Softer smoother skin below your feet
6) Easy to use gentle formula


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