iORA Glow Hot Mask

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A unique formula with vitamin E and Shea butter for smooth and hydrated skin.
Revive your hands with this Hot Glow mask and get rid of the dryness with a natural glow.

– Moisture your dry skin and treat your sun tan.
– Replenish & restore your skins moisture levels
– Easy to use formula
– Contains Theobroma cacao extract, Shea butter & Vitamin E that helps restore the moisture balance in the skin
– Mounted on a bio degradable pencil which you can use for plantation. The tip has plant seeds in it.
So makes the world a greener place while improving your skin.

USPs –
– 100% Vegan
– 100% Organic
– Sulfate-free
– Paraben-free
– Affordable Rates
– 0 Harmful and Nasty Chemicals
– Our brand is against Animal Testing
– Easy to Use
– Effective results

Key Ingredients

iORA’s Hot Glow Mask is made up of –
1) Rice Bran Wax –
– Smoothens the skin texture & acts as an anti-oxidant for your skin’s health.

2) Xanthan Gum –
– Also acts as a skin conditioner to nourish your skin from within.

3) Lavender –
– A relaxing agent that also soothes dry skin.

4) Vitamin E –
Another amazing ingredient that nourishes and protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals.
– Anti-inflammatory in nature.
– Supports cell function, and skin health
– Reduces UV damage

5) Shea Butter –
– Shea’s fatty acid content moisturizes dry skin
– Reduces skin inflammation
– Restores skin elasticity
– Anti-Free Radical Agent
– Anti-bacterial
– Powerful anti-fungal properties
– Shea butter contains triterpenes that boost collagen formation
– It is an effective sunscreen.
– Helps soothe sunburn and other skin burns

6) Avocado –
– Packed with healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals
– Excellent source of vitamins E and C
– Speeds up skin repair and improves chronic skin condition
– Protects your skin from sun damage and inflammation
– Helps increase skin elasticity
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
– Antimicrobial

7) Argan Oil –
– Protects skin from sun damage
– Improves water retention in the skin

How To Use

1. Stand your Glow hot mask in a small bowl containing boiling hot water & let the mask melt away into a thick paste
2. Apply it like a mask on both hands/feet. Cover it with foil/cling wrap.
3. Leave covered for 20 mins.
4. Remove the cling wrap/foil.
5. Massage for 7-10 mins & rinse thoroughly.

Use it twice a week as a spa treatment for your hands and feet.


1) Removes Skin tan
2) Restores Moisture
3) Ultimate Moisturisation
4) Visibly glowing skin
5) Deep Skin Conditioning
6) Soothes Dry skin


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