Ksheeradhara Powder

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Blend of Ayurvedic powders to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin.

Ksheeradhara Powder is a herbal alternative to soap.
– Suitable for all skin types.
– Exfoliates dead cells.
– Treats skin problems like dermatitis and rashes.
– No chemicals or preservatives.
– Only Plant parts.

Size: 500g


Benefits of Ksheeradhara massage
– Strengthens the muscles
– Relaxes your nerves
– Beneficial for skin and hair care
– Helps boost memory
– Removes mental fatigue
– Improves physical strength and energy
– Restores dosha balance

How To Use

Wet the entire body & use the powder as you would apply a soap. Leave it on for 5-7 min for better results . Rinse thoroughly


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