Organic Clove Balm – 450 grams

Our feet carry our entire burden (quite literally!) Pamper them with a relaxing Clove Balm massage. A healing massage with his product loosens your nerves, improves blood flow and tones down muscle swelling. Sounds super relieving, right? Imagine practically experiencing one! 


USPs – 

– 100% Vegan 

– 100% Organic 

– Sulfate-free 

– Paraben-free 

– Affordable Rates 

– 0 Harmful and Nasty Chemicals 

– Our brand is against Animal Testing 

– Easy to Use 

– Effective results 


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Key Ingredients

1) Clove Essential Oil 
– Powerful anti-aging ingredient 
– Removes the dead skin cells 
– Promotes blood circulation 
– Helps kill bacteria 
– Rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties 
2) Rosemary Essential Oil  
– Pain reliever 
– Eases stress 
– Accelerates blood flow 
– Reduces inflammation 
3) Juniper Berry Essential Oil  
– Good source of vitamin C 
– Protects cells from free radical damage 
– Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties 
– Inhibits calming and soothing properties 
4) Oil of Wintergreen | 
– Soothes achy joints 
– Reduces swelling

How To Use

  1. In Salon, this product can be used for foot reflexology. It can also be used to massage on the nape of the neck & shoulders to ease out the tension.
  2. Before going to sleep at night, massage this clove balm onto your feet for a few minutes. Make sure your feet are clean and dry. Sleep with the balm on as it eases your nerves.


  1. Radiant looking skin
  2. Calms your nerves and reduces stress
  3. Relaxes your foot muscles
  4. Reduces inflammation or swelling.
  5. Improves blood circulation
  6. Soothes tired feet & stressed muscles


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