Pina Colada Cocktail Kit(Pack of 2)

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Packed with all things tropical with a hint of fizz to treat dull, dry skin.
An effective treatment that helps nourish, hydrate, soften the skin. It removes tan & the fizz ball contains 7 different salts that help soothe tired frayed nerves. Our Cocktail kit comes in various flavors. This one in particular is a Pina Colada flavor! It’ll remind you of all things tropical. Experience pineapple or coconut undertones with a tropical beach kinda vibe.

The kit contains –
Cuticle Cream -2 gms
Pinacolada Fizz -45 gms
Pinacolada Scrub -10 gms
Pinacolada Butter -10 gms
Pinacolada Mask -10 gms
Pinacolada Wash -10 gms


Key Ingredients

1) Pro-Vitamin B5 –
– Keeps skin soft, smooth, and healthy
– Deeply hydrating – Absorbs moisture rapidly from the environment
– Anti-inflammatory
– Stimulates your skin’s healing processes
– Excellent Moisturiser
– Makes your skin resilient, strong and robust by strengthening the outer skin barrier.
– Enhances solid tissue regeneration
– Improves skin’s elasticity
– Rejuvenates sun-damaged skin
– Reduces TEWL (transepidermal water loss)

2) Lavender Essential oil –
– Kills acne by fighting bad bacteria
– Reduces wrinkles
– Helps lighten skin tone
– Reduces skin inflammatioin
– Soothes sunburns
– Helps your nerves relax
– Aids good sleep

3) Geranium Essential oil –
– Treats acne formation, skin irritation, and skin infections
– Fights off bacterial infection
– Beneficial for wound healing
– Reduces stress, depression, anxiety
– Helps regulate hormones and balances sebum
– Gives you a younger looking skin
– Helps you get rid of bloating before your periods.

4) Patchouli Essential Oil –
– Helps brighten skin
– Revives dull skin by improving blood circulation
– Reduces cellulite
– Improves hair growth
– Eliminate dandruff
– Eases Depression, anxiety and stress
– Helps with oily hair
– Eases cold and flu
– Treats dry cracked skin
– Reduces acne

5) Peptides –
– Improved skin barrier
– Reduces wrinkles
– Increases collagen production
– Eases inflammation

How To Use

1. Firstly, clean and file your nails. Add the PINACOLADA FIZZ in the mani-pedi trough Apply CUTICLE CREAM (2 grams) on the nails Soak your hand and feet in the tub for around eight to ten minutes.
Now, with the help of a scrubber, scrub the feet to remove the softened dead skin. Clean and push back the cuticles. Trim them if need be.
2. Massage the PINACOLADA SCRUB (10 gms) in circular motions for around five minutes. Give the hands and feet steam and massage till the sugar melts. Remove the product with a clean damp cloth after the massage.
3. Apply the PINACOLADA MASK and leave it on for eight to ten minutes. Remove product & wash the hands & feet thoroughly with the PINACOLADA WASH
4. Now, take the PINACOLADA BUTTER and massage the hands and feet for around ten to fifteen minutes. Lastly, remove the product with a dry towel as it has SPF 15. FInish by applying nail polish.


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