Shirodhara Massage Oil

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Ayurvedic blend to promote blood flow and soothe the skin.
‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means flow. Combined together – Shirodhara is an ancient ayurvedic technique in which an oil or liquid is poured gradually onto your forehead. It is later combined with a scalp, body, or head massage. Shirodhara focuses on rebalancing the life forces within you.

Size: 1L


Benefits of Shirodhara oil massage 
– Reduces stress
– Lessens anxiety
– Improves sleep quality
– Relieves muscle pain
– Helps decrease mental fatigue
– Stabilizes your mood

How To Use

  1. The oil must be warmed to closely match your body temperature.
  2. One must lie down flat with a rolled towel to keep under the neck.
  3. The warm oil should then be dispersed from above your forehead via a constant stream. This is mostly done by hanging a pot over your head with a hole pierced at the bottom of it. The height between your head and the pot should be 10 cms.
  4. The oil collected from the dispersion is used to refill the pot. This entire process is carried on for thirty to forty minutes.
  5. Generally, a short massage is given before or after the Shirodhara treatment.


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