Udhvartana Powder

Udhavartana is an ancient ayurvedic massage carried out by using a combination of different herbal powders. It’s a full body massage done in rhythmic motion to dissolve or liquefy the excess fat present in your body. It is recommended to people who deal with Indigestion, diabetes, obesity, paralysis, etc.

Size: 500g


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Benefits of Udhavartana Massage 
– Improves muscle tone and circulation
– Helps to lose weight
– Improves the complexion of your skin.
– Helps to relieve stress
– Induces relaxation.
– Removes blockages in blood vessels.
– Promotes fat metabolism.
– Reduces and balance Vata and Kapha.
– Beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity.

How To Use

The Udhavartana massage works in three main steps –

  1. The herbal blend of powder or paste is vigorously rubbed onto your skin for a good thirty to forty minutes. (This procedure pull out and extract all the extra fats present in your body)
  2. A herbal sauna is followed post this massage. (here, the person’s head is out whereas the entire body remains inside the steam chamber)
  3. The final step is taking a shower to remove the powder from your body.


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