Whitening Kit

No one wishes to roam around with sun-tanned hands and feet. Transform them with this glorious Manicure Pedicure kit that consists of pre-measured portions of nurturing goodness! This whitening kit is easy to use and is known to garner effective results.


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Key Ingredients

1) Licorice Extracts
– Antimicrobial
– Anti-inflammatory in nature
– Offers skin lightening and anti-aging benefits.
– Rich in antioxidants
– Fight the free radicals
– Prevents excessive melanin formation
– Regenerates elastin and collagen, leading to smooth and healthy skin. – Contains amino acids that moisturize and rehydrate the skin.
It greatly helps to reverse the sun damage by increasing antioxidant production in the skin.

2) Lemon Essential oil –
– A soldier that kills harmful bacteria.
– Anti inflammatory
– Anti bacterial
– Inhibits powerful antifungal properties

3) Mulberry Extract –
– Rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Riboflavin (highly beneficial vitamins for the skin)
– Known for its natural skin brightening properties
– Helps fade away dark spots and pigmentation caused by the sun’s UV Rays.
– Increases the production of Resveratrol in the body, that aids in anti-oxidant production
– Neutralises free radicals created from environmental factors.

How To Use

1) Firstly, clean and file your nails.
2) Apply CUTICLE CREAM (2 grams) on the nails
3) Take a tub of warm water and add 10 ml of WHITENING SOAK along with 10 grams of WHITENING SALT. Soak your hand and feet in the tub for around eight to ten minutes.
4) Now, with the help of a scrubber, scrub your feet to remove the softened dead skin.
5) Clean and push back your cuticles. Trim them if need be.
6) Massage the WHITENING SCRUB (10 gms) in circular motions for around five minutes.
7) Remove the product with a clean damp cloth after the massage.
8) Now, massage your hands and feet with the WHITENING CREAM
9) Final step, remove the product with a clean damp cloth after the massage.


– Reverses sun damage
– Reduces scar marks
– Blurs discoloration and hyperpigmentation
– Helps protect the skin from environmental factors
– Hydrates and nourishes the skin
– Gives the skin a natural glow


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