A good fragrance is a powerful cocktail of memories & emotions. That’s what we are all about. We create memories- Anita’s Aromatics is a brand that embraces the spirit of wellness by creating products infused with sheer organic ingredients which enable us to help our clients achieve optimum goodness of aromatherapy
Our unwavering dedication to consistently create high quality products has paved a way for our bright future. All our products come in unadulterated form in order to provide wholesome goodness of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body & spirit . When our essential oil based oils/ scrubs/ butters/masks are applied on the body, the essential oils enter the skin through the hair follicles where they are absorbed into the blood stream & circulated around the body. These products trigger release of specific chemicals in the body that relaxes , calms or stimulates both body & mind

Soft & good looking hands & feet is an immaculate impression of well groomed appearance. Regular manicures & pedicures with our range of products enhances the health of your fingertips & toe nails, promotes maintained & well moisturised hands & feet

Essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy & various traditional medicines. Our essential oils are pure & can positively affect your mood & mental state

Facials are undisputedly the best way to pamper your skin. Our aromatherapy based facial range involves the use of essential oils that are chosen according to your skin type. These kits take care of a variety of problems like acne, ageing, dull skin etc. It promotes clear skin, removes dead skin & relaxes frayed nerves