The new way of doing business

 In such testing times where the world has come to a standstill, every one of us has suffered losses in various ways. The whole pandemic has left a trail of despair behind and continues to do so. However, we need to fight against all odds and take every obstacle in our stride to keep going.

Anita’s Aromatics’ basic tenet involves the well-being of all. We have strived to bring forth the significance of aromatherapy’s ancient science through our venture, which has an all-encompassing impact on us. We understand that in such times it is not only your health but even your business that is impacted along with your service to your clients. The fear of a lockdown will continue to loom on our heads for some time and it is advisable to change our mode of operating. Beauty therapists need to reform their ways and act as wellness coaches to cater to the needs of their customers. Thus, we have devised training programs for staff of salons and spas, Covid well-being packages and an affiliate marketing program that is highly beneficial for you and your customers.

With the ongoing scenario, complaints regarding mental health, skin issues, stress and fatigue etc. have escalated, and we believe aromatherapy can be one of the best cures for all these ailments.

Through our affiliate marketing program, we can ensure that your customers receive the best products for healing and their betterment. At the same time, salons and spas will also be able to continue with their business even while they are shut. Affiliate marketing is a profitable and collaborative marketing strategy that involves a network creation wherein the products from the sellers can directly reach the consumers with the help of affiliates (here, the salons and spas) who mediate in between by informing their customers about our products. We believe that salons and spas as affiliates are the drivers of such a strategy. The pitching helps the customers receive the best products, and the sellers can simultaneously have maximum reach. This will uplift your business and helps you provide excellent service from the confines of home. Such an approach is profitable to every associate involved and helps maximum consumers reap aromatherapy benefits using our premiere range of aromatic products.

We strive for ventures that are beneficial to all, and our affiliate marketing model has an endless list of benefits. To begin with, we are a trusted brand that has been in this field for two decades manufacturing reliable beauty, skin and healing aromatic products. Associating your salons and spas with Anita’s Aromatics requires zero investment. Therefore no risks are involved. A special website link will be provided by us, which will be specific to your salon. Dispatching of products will be directly from our storage facilities to your customers, therefore no involvement of any middlemen, no extra cost and ensured delivery of quality products. The affiliate salons and spas will receive a commission on completion of the sale. We also assure you of complete support regarding social media posts, strategies and staff training programs over Zoom. Additionally, this venture will surely give a guaranteed income boost even when you cannot open your salons and spas. Thus it is a sustainable and beneficial model ticking every box pertaining to every party involved.

We are looking forward to collaborating with your renowned salons and spas and help you provide excellent service to your customers along with a profitable and thriving business. We hope that you and your customers are doing well and safe. Visit our website, social media pages or directly reach out to us for more information.


Together let us change the way we do business.


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