“It is support that sustains us on the journey we’ve started.” – Marci Shimoff

Support in every aspect braces us for anything and everything coming our way. It can increase our strength, will and functionality multi-fold. We at Anita’s Aromatics aspire to be your pillars of support catering to every need of your overall well-being. Aromatherapy has always been to one’s rescue alleviating from various issues of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Thus, furthering the benefits to our valuable customers, we believe our special cold-pressed coconut oil is your go-to mate and one of the biggest supporters of good health. 

In every Indian household coconut oil is a must owing to the endless benefits it entails. In Aromatherapy, cold-pressed coconut oil is widely used as a carrier oil. It is rife with antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. However, there is a stark difference when it comes to the usual coconut oil and the cold-pressed coconut oil. Being very versatile, coconut oil comes in handy in every situation, but more the purity, more the benefits. That’s where the cold-pressed coconut oil comes into the picture. Our authentic cold-pressed coconut oil preserves this natural goodness and brings to you the purest coconut oil.

Cold-pressed coconut oil stands out from the other varieties due to its method of procurement. This pure coconut oil is obtained by pressing the fresh coconut flesh without any use of heat and chemicals. This ensures that all the natural properties are intact and unadulterated. The common coconut oil goes through various procedures of processing and refining due to which the impact of the natural properties may deteriorate. The cold-pressed coconut oil is also free from the additives that are often added which end up compromising the natural quality of the oil. Minus the heat, chemicals, refining, processing and additives, our cold-pressed coconut oil offers only the best. Highly versatile, coconut oil is used and gives promising results when used on skin and hair.

Cold-pressed coconut oil when used on your skin can boost your skin health effectively. Acting as a great nourishing and moisturising agent, it helps in giving smooth, repaired and supple skin. It helps to treat redness, sunburn, inflammation, dark patches and other skin issues. It also helps in increased collagen production that gives you naturally beautiful, youthful and healthy skin. It renders a natural and apt firmness and elasticity to the skin. It also helps in removing dead skin cells and cleaning out pores. Thus, your skin gets a complete rejuvenation when supplied with the good old coconut oil. Coconut oil is definitely your hair’s best friend. Providing accurate care, it nourishes the scalp and hair simultaneously. The scalp acquires a rich source of nourishment that boosts the hair follicle, which in turn catalyses hair growth. It helps to get thicker, shinier and voluminous hair when used religiously. Be it any hair issues like breakage, split ends, frizz, dandruff, coconut oil combats it all. With the purest coconut oil by your side, keep all the hair issues at bay. Well, the benefits just don’t stop here. Cold-pressed coconut oil massage has proven effective to boost overall health providing adequate rejuvenation and relaxation. It is also a reliable source of nourishment for your nails, as it softens dry cuticles and stimulates healthy nail growth. Additionally, this pure oil also acts as a great makeup remover.

The benefits are endless, and we at Anita’s Aromatics aspire to provide you only the best. We have also started with our Affiliate Programme to ensure the benefits reach out to the maximum. Providing the pure essence of this natural elixir, we assure you that this cold-pressed coconut oil is surely your go-to mate!

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