We are constantly changing , our environment is constantly changing , the needs of people keep changing . Change is the only thing that is constant in our life . We upgrade our mobile applications as newer technologies get developed, new ways to handle certain bugs are developed. Why don’t we constantly upgrade our skill set , constantly upgrade ourselves to see a more newer you.

We all are going through a time where we are home bound because of this corona pandemic. Why not use it to develop a new skill set. It could be some finance course online that you could later use for your expanding your business; it could be an online marketing course to help sharpen your digital presence. It could be a musical instrument that you have bought but never had the time to learn. It could be that painting you never got down to completing. It could be that cuisine you so love but have not gotten down to trying to cook. It could be that online yoga class that will help you realign & deal with the anxiety that your facing. We need to use this time to learn something new , to develop a new skill set, the dynamics of which will flow into your work .

All this would influence the way you think so differently that when you bounce back to work after this period you will be handling or doing things very differently. Your brain would have opened up a newer approach to things.

I remember this time when we were developing the iOra range, my aim was to create something different, something unique in terms of packaging, product & efficacy. It took a good 8 months of immersive work to get the outcome. In iOra we have developed different unique pouches & have added actual fruit pulp in the product & then stabilized it. It was a challenge in stabilizing the product & then adding it in these unique pouches we designed. We have also added a category called ‘specials ‘ which helps you deal with ‘special ‘ issues – the callus softener for wash removal of stubborn calluses; nail dip – an effective pre- treatment for people who subscribe to nail extensions or apply nail polish for longer duration. An elbow knee balm that helps soften & smoothen rough edges. A glow hot mask which is pure Shea butter on a biodegradable pencil which helps you grow a plant once the product has been consumed.

The entire time I was designing this range, I remember I was heavily into cross-fit every morning. Cross-fit taught me that though the workout seems intense & long, we should not get overwhelmed. Instead if we break down the workout into smaller sets, you reach the finishing even before you realize. Thus I realized that though creating iOra was a Herculean task but once I broke it down into smaller tasks everyday I could breeze through it systematically. My skill to do my Cross-fit spilled onto the way I handled the development of iOra. So develop a new skill, it will help you in your work in ways you never even imagined.

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