Some people read palms to tell your future, but I read hands to tell your past. Each scan makes a story worth telling . Each callused palm, each cracked knuckle is a missed punch or years in a factory
-Sarah Kay

Our hands help us do everything from communicating, to creating art and making music. Each hand tells us a story about a person’s life.

The worn out hands of a gardener, to the hands of a woman who has worked on a farm ;or deeply calloused hands tell the story of an elderly woman who has toiled all her life ;the skillful hand of a barber ; the seasoned hands of a baker ; a soldiers hand covered with deep lines with a lifetime of stories to tell; the confident & strong hands of a business woman . Each hand tells a unique story .

Your hands are two personal valets that wait on you with absolute commitment. They perform all the mundane tasks with tender care, tying shoe laces , buttoning shirts, brushing your teeth & forming your hair . Fluffing , patting, retrieving , holding , scratching , feeding , soothing & wiping tears. They follow your every command . At first they wiggle & grasp clumsily . Soon they guide food into your mouth , help you dress & put colorful things close to your eyes. From age 6-10 they sustain maximum cuts & injuries. By the time you are 15, your hands have worked out most of the tasks it will do for you. All of your gestures are in place & even your handwriting. Such a telling & personal thing , has taken its final form . As you age , your hands begin to take on the character of your life’s work.

Thus it is  imperative that you take care of your hands. Make it a habit to use a cream or it could be Anita’s Aromatics Lavender Butter. Massage it as a ritual everyday on your hands. Use easy acupressure points to help relax them after all they have worked for you all day. Lavender essential oil is known as an all rounder oil . It will not only  help lighten things those blemishes & scars but also relaxes your hands. The soothing aroma of Lavender will also help you sleep better .

At Anita’s Aromatics , we have a huge array of products you can choose from , for your manicure . From wine kits , divine chocolate kits, caramel kits , our all time favorite candle kit or give your hands the high  they deserve with our cocktail kits. Visit our website to know more about each kit . Each kit is rich in essential oils , paraben free , sulfate free , vegan . Made with a lot of love & commitment to quality.

Touch people’s lives with your beautiful hands. Visit you favorite salon & ask for Anita’s Aromatics kits & take care of your hands, because they CARE for you .

I would love to hear your comments & feedback. If you have tried our range at any of the salons, please drop in a message. Would love to hear from you.

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