Exfoliation is an ageold beauty treatment method where any suitable type of scrub is used to on face and body. Though people regularly use exfoliating products at home. There is a massive demand amongst decerning clients for a comprehensive face and body exfoliation treatments in salons and spas. 

Let us look at a few benefits of getting an exfoliation treatment done. 

Cleans up the clogged pores. 

Though our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, the tremendous amount of exposure to dust and pollution on the face and other areas interferes with this natural process and clogs the pores on the surface of the skin. The essential function of an exfoliation treatment is to remove dead skin cells. This opens up the pores allowing them to breathe freely. 

 Stop the appearance of blemishes 

Though exfoliation cannot remove the blemishes already there on your face or body, it can help in preventing the appearance of new ones. Blemishes occur due to the excess oil on the surface of the skin. Exfoliation removes this oil leaving your skin smooth and fresh.  

 Helps in achieving even skin tone 

Exfoliation does not just remove the dead skin cells. It also rejuvenates and reenergises the new cells. These new cells help with evening out the skin tone, lightening pigmentation and postbreakout marks.  

 Helps in improving Texture 

Clogging and build of oil on the surface can lead to multiple skin issues that affect the look and texture of the skin. Exfoliation helps in making your skin smoother and improve its Texture. This, in turn, lessens the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. 

 Helps other products 

No matter how good your skincare products are. You will not benefit from them if they are not absorbed into your skin. Dead skin cells clog the pores and prevent any remedial products from being absorbed. Exfoliating opens of the pores, allowing you to pamper your skin with luxurious products that will work. 

 So, have we piqued your interest in exfoliation? If yes, then keep reading. We all know that you require scrubs for exfoliation. But it would be so boring to keep using the same scrub all the time. We at Anita’s Aromatics understand the need for different types of scrub and their benefits entirely. We have created an entire range for you to choose from. 


Caffeine in the coffee scrub tightens, smoothens puffiness and firms the skin by reducing cellulite. This therapeutic scrub is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Gently apply in circular motion; this scrub will leave your skin soft and toned. 


Coconut husks and ground coconut shells in a creamy moisturising scrub made with pure cold-pressed virgin coconut oil gently exfoliates your skin, bring out a natural flow on your face. This all-time favourite scrub can be used on the body. We promise you radiantlooking skin. 


This scrub is a melted formulation, developed to exfoliate the skin removing dead cells and surface grime gentlyEnriched with useful abrasives, cleaners and natural oils, it leaves the skin clean, alive and invigorated. 


This is a deep cleansing scrub crafted to shoo away all the grime on your skin. Bamboo & Charcoal helps get rid of dirt and debris. Skin feels super soft. The ultrarefreshing spicy aroma leaves is an added bonus that rejuvenates not just your skin but your senses. 

These and many more exotic scrubs ready for you to explore. Research shows that an invigorating body scrub is one of the most indemand among spa clients and salons all over the world have incorporated facial scrubs into their regular services. 

Connect with us to know more about the different treatments and combinations where our scrubs can be used.

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