People are finally getting over their fear and venturing out to get much-needed beauty and spa treatments. But there are a lot of doubts that still linger in the minds of the customers. Along with concerns for hygiene and safety, there is a lot of concern amongst people in terms of the time they have to spend inside a Salon or Spa facility to avail their favourite services.

The longing for the relaxing rituals gets curtailed by the durations required for most of them, and people decide to forgo these luxuries for some more time.

So, what can you do as an establishment to meet the needs of clients while ensuring that their concerns are appropriately addressed without any compromise?

An innovative solution to this dilemma is introducing express services in your salon or spa to entice customers with exclusive experiences in minimal time with optimal results. Beauty and health service providers across India have reported in clients preferring to indulge in short span services in recent months. The demand for Express Essentials will keep growing in the near future.

Let us introduce to you some exciting products that can be used for these express services. Our products are made with pure essential oils and botanical extracts and will leave your clients asking for more. We have created an entire range of products which can be applied within a stipulated time and yet give the same glorious results of an elaborate service.

Here’s a glimpse into our on the go glamours products 


We bring you an exotic array of facial kits that can all be used for providing quick yet quality service to the client. 

Infused with the best tea tree oil, aloe vera and chamomile our TEA TREE SHINE CLEAR FACIAL KIT is an innovative product that cleanses and detoxes and removes extra sebum from the skin.

A gem from our skincare range, DEEP PORE MOIST FACIAL KIT like its name pampers the skin leaving it soft and supple with its moisturising ingredients like lavender oil and Licorice. 


Another service that the clients are looking for and preferring to opt for in place of a full body massage is the mani-pedi ritual. We have a wide range of divine kits that will take your clients to the next level of indulgence. 

Our all-time best-seller AROMA MANI-PEDI KIT with 5 heavenly essential oils and extracts is the ultimate product for sensory pleasure and relaxation.

Another very popular kit is the WHITENING MANI-PEDI KIT which contains pure extract of mulberry to remove tan and brighten up the skin. 


Why stop with the face and limbs. Give your clients a complete relaxation ritual with our exclusive body spa kits. We promise that it will leave your clients glowing and gushing.

Infused with activated charcoal and essential oils, BLACK PEARL BODY SPA KIT will make your clients luminous with satisfaction. 

Refreshing lemon oil combined with the goodness of walnuts. The LEMON & WALNUT BODY SPA KIT brings to the table a soothing symphony for the senses.

This is just a peek into our wide range of exotic products. Spruce of your service menu and add a sparkle to the festive season. We will be happy to help you in selecting the products best suitable for your establishment.

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