“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

-Warren Buffett


We at Anita’s Aromatics want to be that shade under which our customers experience the wellness and the essential care required. Thriving in the wellness industry for nearly twenty years, Anita’s Aromatics firmly believes in leaving behind a legacy enriched with customer satisfaction, trust, and immense benefits to our invaluable customers. The seed for this exemplary wellness brand was sown in 2001 by Anita Golani when she put in her skills, efforts and the will to serve people with the goodness of nature and continued to only grow in the coming years. Anita’s Aromatics specializes in manufacturing pure, organic and unadulterated products rife with natural benefits at an affordable price. The brand stands out from the rest, owing to its consistency and exploring the arena of aromatherapy in completeness thus using it in every possible way which adds to the well-being of individuals.


Anita’s Aromatics as a beauty and wellness company laid its foundation on the firm resolve of providing the best nature has to offer. Our strength lies in the immense trust placed on us by our loyal and satisfied customer base. We have manufactured skincare and wellness products for salons and spas all over India for a decade now. Aromatherapy involves using concentrated plant extracts, the essence of the plants, which is filled with goodness and when used can reap excellent results. Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times, and time and again proved to be extremely beneficial to treat varied issues. Taking the legacy forward, we have attempted to take aromatherapy to greater heights and explore it further to ensure the maximum benefits reach our customers. In today’s lifestyle, there are several issues one is plagued with. However, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing is guaranteed with aromatherapy, and we firmly believe in its results, thus striving to propagate it through our business.

We continue to aspire to be a well-known and most preferred aromatic brand across the wellness industry. Purity, quality and authenticity are the pillars on which the foundation of Anita’s Aromatics is laid and continues to expand. All our products are clinically tested, vegan-friendly, have 12-hour power, and also have positive consumer-tested results. The products are absolutely free from paraben, sulphates, animal testing and other chemicals. We also use superfood infusions to give your skin the best nourishment it deserves! Anita’s Aromatics is 100% loyal and committed to providing the best of nature and leaves no stone unturned in this pursuit. With the changing times, we are constantly evolving, developing, improving and advancing with our aromatic solutions to suit every customer. Our products assuredly suit every skin type and act as a shield against varied issues. Our specialty lies in going beyond the beauty industry and evolving into a wellness brand that ensures all-around healing and nurturing. 

We have produced more than 150 products across health, healing, beauty and wellness categories. For the last several years, we have partnered with well-known beauty brands such as Enrich Salons, VLCC, IOSIS, Aromathai, Kapil’s Salon, Mirrors and Radisson Hotels. Apart from this, we are also catering to our strong growing customer base diligently. Anita’s Aromatics caters to every need with essential oils, body scrub, body butters, body wraps, ayurvedic rituals, massage oils, carrier oils, treatment kits and hair oils and our focus is on improving the quality of our customers’ lives. 

Thus, with the advancement of time, we aim to flourish and further expand, preserving our values, morals, authenticity and the invaluable trust of our customers. We aspire to cater to every need and provide nature’s goodness to every individual. We are Anita’s Aromatics- Your Beauty and Wellness Partners.

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