The month of December brings with it, merry vibes. It’s the last month of the year, the month of weddings and Christmas and New Year. 

A time to look back on the entire year. A time for warm coffee and cosy conversations with friends. The time of the year, when everyone gets into a celebratory mode regardless of how the past year has been. It is the time of the year when everyone wants to look and feel the best. And nothing boasts your spirits and self confidence like a coat of fresh nail paint. 

You will be surprised to know that the first records of women applying nail paint go thousands of years back when Heena or Mehndi was used to dye nails. From that to all the fantastic options available to adorn your nails today, we have indeed come a long way. 

Though Nail Art has existed in some form or others for many years, it has recently become a thriving industry with women all over the world, discovering the joy of embellishing their nails. Nail art is rocking the fashion scene as one of the hottest trends this season. 

We highly recommend a nail art session to all you ladies out there. If you have not tried it yet, now is the time to do it. But before you go and get expensive nail art done, we would like you to take a good look at your hands. 

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to have wellgroomed and nourished hands before you opt to get nail art done. The whole purpose of nail art is to draw attention to your hands and not just the nails. No matter how beautifully your nails are done, they will not elevate your look if you don’t have well-groomed hands to go with the nails. 

A few benefits of manicures 

Nail health 

Very important to maintain the health of your nails, especially if you are getting nail art done regularly. 

Blood circulation 

The massage during the manicure boosts the circulation of blood and improves joint mobility and reduces any swelling if there. 

Takes care  

A manicure is a great way to condition, moisturise and improve the general wellbeing of your hands. 


Any form of massage is excellent for stress relief. Our hands are always working for us, and manicure is a great way to relax them. 

Now that you all the good things a manicure can do for your hands let us present you with some enticing options for a fabulous manicure, that will make your hands soft and supple. These products are crafted, keeping in mind the stress that your hands go through, and they are perfect for getting your hands ready to sparkle along with your nails.  

Mango Manicure  

Well, you cannot eat them in December, but you surely can indulge in some Mango infused pampering for your hands. After all, the benefits of this vitaminrich concoction will get your hands ready for the yearend party scene.  

D-tan Manicure 

We all know how harsh the winter sun can be. Our hands tend to bear the most when it comes to the ill effects of sun damage.  With this D-tan Kit, get rid of all the tanning on your hand, leaving them fresh and glowing for fabulous session of nail art. 

Whitening Manicure 

This kit is infused with the goodness of lemons and berries. A perfect remedy for tired and dull hands. Try this fantastic kit and brighten up your hands. We promise you will fall in love with your own hands after having this manicure. 

Chocolate Manicure 

Nothing spells indulgence like chocolate. We know you love the feel of chocolate on your skin and have crafted this product specially for women looking for some chocolate therapy. This manicure will do wonders on your hand, making them as soft and silken as chocolate itself. 

Call us today and stock up your Spa and Salons with our mani-pedi kits. These work exceptionally well with the nail art services that most of you are providing. 

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