The beautifying effects of natural honey are one of history’s best-kept skincare secrets. From ancient Egypt and Greece to Tudor England, honey has been used in skincare throughout the ages by some of history’s most renowned women – in its raw state and as an ingredient in cosmetics – to slow the signs of ageing and keep skin looking clear, nourished and youthful.

Cleopatra regularly bathed in honey and milk, which helped maintain her legendary smooth and youthful-looking skin.
Helen of Troy used honey and olive oil as ingredients in her cosmetics to keep her face looking radiant and youthful.
From ancient times to the modern era, honey has proven to be a faithful friend to women worldwide.
But like everything that glitters is not gold, everything that looks like honey is not pure honey. Amongst the most coveted honey across the world is the MANUKA HONEY.

Manuka honey comes from the Manuka plant, a small flowering tree found in New Zealand and Eastern Australia. It is made by bees who pollinate the flowers, which are in bloom for only six weeks every year. This makes Manuka honey an extremely precious commodity available to a select few. What sets apart manuka honey from regular honey are its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Manuka speeds the healing process of acne and scars, making it an ideal ingredient to be incorporated in beauty treatments.

Anita’s Aromatic believes in curating products from around the world so that you can offer the most enticing treatments to your clients. Here we are presenting an exclusive product line with Manuka honey as a star ingredient.

Give your clients a glimpse into the indulgence of Queens. Manuka Honey Scrub is an ultra-luxuriant scrub that is ideal for back polishing as well as hand and foot polishing. Include this highly rejuvenating scrub into your body spa and mani-pedi rituals to give a special zing to the skin. Enriched with glucose oxidase, which helps destroy bacteria, this scrub gently takes care of tired and stressed skin, leaving it soft and supple. It is enhanced with a pleasing fragrance that lingers on your refreshed skin.

The Manuka honey mask is designed to complement any facial beauty ritual and is also a quick, effective treatment in itself. Along with Manuka honey, the mask is infused with manjistha, neem and turmeric, making it a powerhouse of therapeutic indulgence. This rich and creamy mask is suitable for all skin types. It absorbs excess oil, detoxifies and purifies the skin during the drying process. The Vitamin E oil in the mask helps in clearing up the skin of environmental impurities.

A luxurious nourishing body crème containing a blend of exotic Manuka Honey is highly recommended for a relaxing experience. Infused with natural plant butters like Cacao and Shea to create a barrier and seal in moisture, this body butter will leave you with beautiful glowing skin. Four highly moisturising oils, Macadamia, Grapeseed, Carrot Seed and Avocado, are incorporated in this product to help improve skin tone and texture. A massage using this cream leaves tired and dry skin soft, smooth and deliciously fragranced.

This entire range is developed as a luxury variant to regular treatments. We always try to bring you new and different products to add diversity to your treatments. Manuka honey products are sure to create a buzz among your clients. These products can also act as show stoppers for your existing therapies.
Visit our website for more details about our products and to have a look at the wide array of products that we manufacture.

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