What is the Detan Process in Salon and How Does it Work?

What is the Detan Process in Salon and How Does it Work?

“Tested positive for tan lines!”

With the sun shining in its full glory, other than imparting Vitamin D, it showers tons and tons of tan lines. Summers are the time to entirely forget your worries, stress, and work and enjoy yourself! Unfortunately, while summer is time for vacations, it is also scorching! Going outdoors or swimming is excellent but will also leave you heavily tanned. The good times at a beach and tan lines go hand in hand during summer. Tan lines seem to be a souvenir of the fantastic time spent. Don’t worry.

We at Anita’s Aromatics understand your concern and thus bring a detailed blog on de-tanning. Keep reading ahead to know more about de-tanning, procedures to remove Tan and some commonly asked questions. So just put your sunscreen proportions high and spirits higher, and thoroughly enjoy the summer fervour! Just a visit to your local salon will take care of your Tan.

Tanning Decoded

After enjoying the summer bliss, the Tan that comes soon after is a major turn-off. However, before worrying about the Tan and letting it obstruct your plans, understand the tan mechanism, what it is, how it is caused and how it can be removed.

Tan is usually when your skin gets highly pigmented due to high exposure to the sun. The reason behind the same being tan is the body’s natural way of protecting itself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When we step into the sun, we are directly exposed to the harmful radiation of the sun. It is during this time our body releases melanin as it helps absorb the UV rays and protect us from harmful rays. Also, melanin is the same pigment that gives our skin and hair colour. Thus the excess melanin darkens the skin and thereby leads to a tan. This is precisely how Tan comes up. To put it simply, Tan is your body’s defence mechanism to protect itself from harmful UV rays. Well, Tan, that way is for the greater good of your body. 

How to deal with Tanning?

Tan is caused due to sun rays, pollutants, dirt, etc. It naturally fades away over time, but there are various procedures and treatments available at one’s disposal to fasten the process. 

 A de-tanning procedure helps remove the Tan quicker, keeps the skin clean, and repairs the damage caused. A visit to a salon is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of those terrible tan lines. Read ahead to know more about Tanning, de-tanning, precautions, etc. De-tanning is a standard procedure salon carry out for customers and has many benefits. 

How much will a de-tanning process in a parlour cost?

A de-tan treatment roughly starts from around Rs. 300 and advanced treatments start from Rs. 4000 and go up to Rs. 10,000—however, the basic de-tan procedures range from 300 to 1000. Therefore, a de-tan process in a salon is worth trying as it helps attain visible difference and effectively removes the Tan and nourishes the skin. 

The procedure entails deep cleansing of the skin removing all the dirt, impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells. Followed by exfoliation, whereby all the dead skin cells are thoroughly eliminated, giving a fresh look. Next, the face is given some steam to help open up pores and unclog them. Often a gel/serum is applied, and a gentle, relaxing massage is given, which nourishes the skin, relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. After a massage, the de-tan face pack is applied and filled with ingredients that help remove the Tan effectively. Finally, keeping it for nearly 15-20 minutes, the face is washed clean. That’s a small insight into the entire de-tan process.

Here are a few latest tan removal treatments that are highly effective in removing the Tan. 

  • Platinum Facial- This facial uses masks, scrubs and lymphatic massage, which effectively helps in skin lightening.
  • Galvanic Facial- This facial uses fresh fruit juices with galvanic devices, which help to inject water-soluble ingredients into the skin. The natural benefits of the fruits help in naturally brightening and healing the skin.
  • Dermabrasion- This procedure involves removing the top layer of the skin, which removes the Tan effectively.
  • Laser Therapy- This procedure entails removing the outer layer of the skin using a laser.

  • Here are some of the de-tanning in a salon, the do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when going for the de-tan procedure-


    • Inform the professional immediately in case of any allergy or irritation after applying any product to your skin. 
    • Choose the type of facial, products and treatment completely based on your skin type, suitability and budget.
    • Keep a watch on what you eat and consume adequate liquids to ensure the procedure continues to yield the best results.


    • Do not step out in the sun immediately after the de-tan procedure.
    • Do not compromise on hygiene and cleanliness, as it may worsen skin conditions.
    • Do not expect miraculous results immediately. You can only achieve a certain level of de-tanning using particular products.

    Apart from salon procedures and advanced latest treatment kits, a wide range of de-tan facial kits are available. Anita’s Aromatics’ Vitamin-C Facial Kit is highly effective in removing Tan.


    Our aromatic products are rife with natural goodness, where these natural ingredients’ essence is preserved, unadulterated and concentrated. It is always preferable to use ingredients which are suitable for your skin. Though de-tan helps effectively remove Tan, if not used with care and precaution, de-tan treatment can have side effects like rashes, redness, itching, and swelling owing to the chemicals, which may cause strong reactions to your skin. Thus, ensure you select the best way to de-tan your skin, the one that best suits your skin. Often de-tan is associated with women, but men are equally prone to Tanning, and de-tan procedures for men are widely available at salons and spas. 

    We understand that you still may have some doubts regarding de-tan treatment and have compiled for you some frequently asked questions:

  • What is de-tan in the parlour?
  • De-tan in parlour includes processes and use of products that help remove the tanned and damaged skin cells to bring out fresh, rejuvenated and healthy skin.

  • What to expect from a de-tan process in a salon?
  • The basic process includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, massage and a de-tan face pack which effectively removes Tanning.

  • How often do you visit a salon for de-tanning?
  • Ideally, twice a month is preferable to maintain flawless and de-tanned skin.

  • Does hygiene matter in the salon for de-tanning?
  • Yes, absolutely. Unhygienic conditions worsen skin conditions as our facial skin is more sensitive and vulnerable.

  • Is de-tan harmful?
  • Removing Tan is beneficial, as it helps elevate the skin’s appearance. But anti-tan products contain chemicals which may cause issues with sensitive skin. Therefore, one should choose products and treatments that best suit their skin to avoid harm.

  • Can I apply moisturiser after de-tan?
  • Yes, applying moisturiser after de-tan helps keep the skin hydrated.

  • What to apply after a de-tan pack?
  • A moisturiser is the best thing to apply after a de-tan pack, and aloe vera gel is often recommended.

  • Can we apply sunscreen after a facial?
  • Yes, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 and above to ensure minimum damage to the skin.

    We hope now you are well aware of the de-tan process. Of course, you can always reach out to us for any other queries about DE-TANNING.

    But the bottom line is that TAN need not stop you from doing all the activities you enjoy. So, worry less, enjoy more this summer, and the Tan will be taken care of! 

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