Why You Should Be Using Body Butter and How To Apply It?

Why You Should Be Using Body Butter and How To Apply It?

“Keep calm and put your body butter on!”

Skincare is no longer about luxury. It is about self-care and self-love. And one of the most indulgent products to hit the market in the last few years is Body Butter. Body butter is precisely what you need to get that perfectly nourished and rejuvenated skin! Body butter is the talk of the skin industry, and one often wonders what is body butter used for. Well, in this blog, we got you covered and will provide every detail about the body butter and how to apply it! At Anita’s Aromatics, we understand what one’s body truly needs and provide effective solutions to cater to these needs through our affordable and effective products! So read on to learn more about all the hype about body butter. We are sure that you won’t be able to resist putting the body butter on!

Body butter is a more nourishing, thicker and more effective skin care product which helps moisturise and rejuvenate the skin! Simply put, it can be explained as a 10X form of moisturiser that penetrates deep into your skin and provides a complete blast of freshness! However, there is a lot of confusion regarding body lotion, body yoghurt and if it is to be applied on the face or not. These queries are valid; we will try to ensure we answer them all! 

Let us settle the debate about body butter vs body yoghurt

Body butter is a heavier and more intense form of moisturiser. On the other hand, body yoghurt is lightweight, penetrates deep into the skin, and gets easily absorbed. Other often confused products are body butter vs moisturiser. Both are different; body butter is denser and is meant for deeper nourishment for damaged skin, while moisturiser is lighter and consists of light hydrating elements like glycerin. 

Can body butter and body lotion be applied on face?

Body butter is relatively new, yet very popular, owing to its many benefits to the skin! But also, due to inadequate information, it is often misused or wrongly used. We have often asked if body butter be applied on face. Or Can we use body lotion on the face? The answer to both questions is no. Though it won’t harm your skin, using products specially crafted for facial skin is always preferable, as it helps in better nourishment, care and protection. 

Shea butter how to use it on face?

However, shea butter can be used on your face, and yielding effective results is yet another popular query. We believe rubbing it gently all over your face and neck is the ideal way to use shea butter. A follow-up question may include - how much shea butter to use on the face - we suggest a pea-size amount is more than enough as it has a high content of fatty acids, which, if used in excess, may leave the skin too oily!

Body butter is gaining immense popularity, so tons of questions are rife.

Tell me about the body butter and when to apply it. 

Well, the best time to apply body butter is right after your shower and before bed, as both times make the skin conducive enough to absorb the goodness of the body butter and instantly elevate your skin’s condition. 

Do you wash off body butter? 

The answer is no. They are supposed to stay on your skin like a moisturiser or a lotion. The product stays and helps nourish your shield most effectively. It is not supposed to be rubbed off, dried, or washed off. 

Can I use body butter every day?

Well, we believe that entirely depends on your skin type. Dry skin may need a daily application. However, if oily, using it twice a week should suffice! 

When should you apply body butter? 

This is the most repeated question, and, we suggest, you apply it after showering or before bed! 

How much body butter to use? 

We believe a moderate amount is best, which is suitable for your skin. Use it as per the needs of your skin.

Where do I apply body butter? 

Body butter should be adequately applied all over your body, especially covering your elbow, knee, and hands, as they are more prone to dryness and needs deep nourishment. 

After answering every question we could pertaining to body butter, we feel you are now well-equipped to get your hands all greasy in some of our effective body butter products, which will surely enrich your skin! Aromatherapy uses pure concentrated plant extracts procured from plant parts filled with natural goodness that yield effective results! Our range of body butters is curated specially to suit all skins and moods. So go ahead and select your favourite one.

 How to make body butter at home is definitely a question popping up in your mind. Well, a simple way would be to mix shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil in equal proportion, melting and mixing them together, and voila, your body butter is ready to be used! Shea butter use during pregnancy is often recommended as the high moisture content helps the skin to expand and prevent stretch marks. Cocoa butter is also considered one of the best body butter to use while pregnant. 

Apart from these, we have a enticing variety of body butters to suit need. Select one-two or more from the above-mentioned list and indulge in some loving pampering of your skin.

Thus, we end the whys and hows of using body butter! Your skin is a vital organ, your shield, and it needs effective care and pampering! Indulging in an effective body care regime, including aromatic body butter, yield effective results

Body Butter Range

Body Butter Range

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