The Secret Power of Almonds: How It Improves Hair Growth

The Secret Power of Almonds: How It Improves Hair Growth

"Good hair makes me feel like I can rule the world!"
Good hair is a style statement; it greatly adds to your appearance and personality. From time immemorial, long hair has been considered a standard of beauty. With time this perception has changed, but what has not changed is the importance of healthy hair.

However, today, it isn't easy to reach the goal of having the ideal shiny and voluminous hair. Owing to our busy lifestyles, hectic schedules, pollutants, stressors, hair products and chemicals, we are prone to bad and ruined hair health. The deterioration is the lack of care and healing which further fuels the damage caused. Result? Severe hair damage and excessive hair loss!

We at Anita's Aromatics understand this problem that most of us are plagued with. Hence, we are back with another blog, which brings you an absolute elixir for your hair- ALMONDS! Read ahead to know more about this super ingredient and how it can help growth and rejuvenation, giving you that ideal voluminous hair! Almonds are proven to help moisturise, strengthen, prevent greying, remove frizz, split ends, and dandruff, enhance tensile strength and texture, and comprehensively aid hair growth!

At Anita's Aromatics, we work towards helping our customers and ensuring only the best reach to them. Thus, we bring you the plethora of benefits that Almond brings with them in every form and way! Almond benefits for hair are endless! You name it, and Almond has got it all covered for you. This super ingredient is packed with all the components that your hair craves. The magic of almond oil can work wonders for you, only if you regularly and patiently use it. We will be answering some commonly asked questions about almond oil, exploring how this is a must-use ingredient for your hair to revive!

Listed down are some benefits of almonds in various forms:

Soaked almond

Whenever we hear Almond, it takes us down memory lane and often reminds us of soaked almonds that most of us were forced to have to sharpen our memories. Almonds not only limit themselves to that but surprisingly, soaked almonds' benefits for hair are also well-proven! Soaked almonds are high in nutrients and can yield effective results when consumed or applied topically. Making a paste of soaked Almonds and adding a few drops of olive oil can be a great conditioner.

Almond milk

Almond milk's benefits for hair are yet another aspect which needs attention. It is rich in magnesium, which helps strengthen hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It is also high in iron, which boosts blood circulation and instantly aids in hair growth and also potassium which helps in maintaining pH balance.

Sweet almond oil

There are two types of Almond Oil available- bitter almond oil, which is raw and sweet almond oil. The sweet Almond Oil benefits for hair and skin are endless and used for enhancing and alleviating skin and hair health. The antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties help maintain moisture and replenish hair and skin effectively. At Anita's aromatics, we provide you purest of sweet Almond oil, instilled with nature's goodness, with no adulteration. So try out our Sweet Almond Oil and yield the benefits of this elixir ingredient!

Almonds for hair regrowth and almonds for hair loss is probably the best-known feature of Almond known in the beauty industry. Almond oil is rife with antioxidants. It helps replenish the hair's natural oils, increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth. In addition, Almonds help in repairing hair strands from root to end. We are sure that you are curious to know more about the benefits of Almond Oil. So let us look at how Almonds and Almond oil can become the magic bullet for your crowning glory.

Is almond oil good for hair?

Well, it's not just good, but the best for your hair! Throughout this blog, we have excessively focused on its benefits, and in the following questions, ahead have explored it further!

Almond oil is your hair's best mate! It is filled with Vitamin A, E, B1, B6 and B7, which promotes hair health. It is also rich in magnesium, which helps with the hair growth cycle and maintaining thickness. In addition, oleic acid and linoleic acid increases hair elasticity and resilience. It is also rich in magnesium and omega-3 fatty acid and phospholipids, which help retain moisture and aid in hair growth.

How many almonds to eat per day for healthy hair growth?

As per various sources, ideally, having 12-15 almonds daily will lead to effective hair growth.

How to eat almonds for hair growth?

Almonds are beneficial in every form. However, soaked almonds are rich in nutrients and help avail maximum benefit of this super ingredient! Soaked almonds also help remove toxins from the skin, which helps consume the only nutrient-rich, sweet Almond.

Is almond oil good for natural hair?

It is a proven fact, as it helps in tackling damage due to free radicals, pollutants, chemicals and heat. Therefore, it helps reduce the damage and enhance the hair's natural condition.

Are Almonds good for thinning hair?

Biotin content and high concentration of vitamin E and omega fatty acids help reactivate dormant hair follicles by catalysing keratin production, which thickens and increases hair volume.

Why is Almond Oil good for hair?

Almonds are a source of rich protein that helps create keratin when the proteins are broken into amino acids in the body, leading to hair growth. Thus, Almond is undoubtedly something your hair needs!

Is Almond Oil good for black hair?

Almond promotes melanin production, which helps restore hair's natural colour. It has the antioxidant catalase, which helps prevent greying of hair.

Is Almond water beneficial?

Almond water that is, the remaining water once the almonds are soaked, may not be beneficial as it will be high in anti-nutrients, tannin and phytic acid.

Is almond oil good for dry hair?

Well, absolutely, yes! Almond oil helps seal moisture in hair cuticles and helps replenish the healthy oil in the scalp. Thus, it is highly beneficial for dry hair.

Hope we have convinced you about the benefits of Almonds. Make Almond Oil your friend in need to keep hair loss at bay and be your constant partner in your hair growth journey! This wonder food is your ticket to lustrous hair that will be the envy of all. Visit our website to know more about our products!
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