Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and love is in the air. Time to love yourself and express your love for others.

Valentine’s Day is said to have originated in ancient Rome. There are many myths surrounding the actual celebration and how it started. But one of the popular legends is of a priest St. Valentine, who secretly arranged for marriages for couples, defying the orders of the emperor who had banned them in time of war. Today, St. Valentine’s name is used by people throughout the world to express love for their beloved.

And while you buy and gift the usual roses, chocolates and teddies, we believe that Valentine’s Day calls for showering some special attention on self and getting ready to express and feel the love in all its glory. What better way to celebrate this Day of love than loving yourselfPamper yourself with some dreamy spa rituals to celebrate the spirit of Valentines.

Anita’s Aromatics has created exciting options for this self-indulgence. We want you to look your best and feel on top of the world on this special Day.

So why wait any longer? Take your beloved’s breath away with a make-over that boosts your confidence and adds a zing to your appearance. Come and step into a world full of products created with love. 

Dead Sea Facial Kit 

This Valentine’s, go the exotic way and experience the goodness of the deep sea. This kit contains Dead Sea Minerals, organic argan oil, and coldpressed coconut oil that helps replace skin moisture while ensuring its good healthy glow. It is particularly made to protect the skin from factors that would cause premature ageing. This facial is perfect for your pre-valentine indulgence.

Divine Chocolate

What can be more romantic than a luxurious chocolate experience? This rich brown divine chocolate kit is made from different muds that hydrate the skin, making it soft, smooth and supple. It is the perfect blend of ingredients required for the perfect manicure and pedicure, getting you ready to put your best foot forward.

Lavender Butter

This super-rich and creamy lavender butter meltinto your skin to soften and deeply moisturize. It is infused with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-ageing nutrients to keep skin healthy, nourished and youthful. Pure lavender oil helps relax those frayed nerves and improves circulation. This lovely lavender butter body spa is the perfect experience to offer your customers, as an enticing valentine ritual.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

As fascinating as the name is this product. The pleasing and therapeutic herb is highly recommended for therapeutic benefits to soothe the body and hair. This oil is extracted from a star-shaped yellow flower and acts as an excellent hair conditioner.

Adding just 6-7 drops to 2ml of apple cider vinegar & one cup of water works well. Make this the last rinse after shampooing & see the hair shine. It gives your hair that extra edge and care, which helps repair and enhance the quality of hair.

This is a fantastic recipe to try out before Valentine’s Day to flaunt your beautiful tresses.

Salons and Spas are the goto destinations for pre valentine day rituals. Ensure that this Valentine’s Day your customers indulge in self-love by taking care of their skin and hair. Our website has all the information about our products, and you can also take a look at the entire range of products.

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