It is the time of the year when everything looks bright and chirpy. Holi is one of the most cheerful Indian festivals and is celebrated all over the country with enthusiasm. Nothing is more joyful than playing with colours with your near and dear ones. Traditionally, it was played only with Gulal and water, but it has been played with lots of different colours over the years. And while these colours provide us with hours of entertainment, they also bring about a plethora of problems for our hair and skin.

Irritation to skin and hair from colours is a common concern during the days leading up to Holi. Many people avoid playing at all due to the fear of spoiling their hair and skin. But we at Anita’s Aromatics love the festival of colour and want to offer some simple solutions to make sure that you have a fabulous time with colours without any worry.

The most important thing to do in the days leading up to Holi is to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t forget that Holi also marks the beginning of summer in India, and it is crucial that you take care of your water intake. Well-hydrated skin and scalp will be less prone to irritation.

Another essential thing to do is to keep your hair and skin well moisturised. Daily apply lotion on your body to keep it in a healthily hydrated state. Lavender or Lemon Grass body butter are luxurious and refreshing options to use on your body. These jars of body butter are crafted with pure ingredients by us and help prepare your skin not just for Holi but also for the summer.
In the week leading to Holi, apply oil at regular intervals. Rosehip or cold-pressed Coconut oil are perfect for fortifying your hair and scalp. They will nourish and hydrate both your hair, making them stronger.

A day before Holi, avoid washing your hair, as the natural formation of oil on your scalp will protect it from the harmful chemicals in the colours.
On the day of Holi, before going out to play, we suggest you apply a generous amount of Argon oil on your face, including your lips and eye-lashes. Aragon oil gets absorbed quickly and will not leave an oily residue on the skin. It is also an excellent conditioner for your lips.
Apply cold-pressed coconut oil on your scalp and all over your hair to form a protective shield against harmful chemicals.
Apply Argan Oil or Lemon Grass body butter on your body’s exposed areas like your neck, hands and feet. Apply generously over your nails and fingertips to avoid staining from colours.
If you plan to stay out for a longer duration, we suggest you carry some oil or body butter along with you and reapply after 3 hours.
All these essential oils mentioned are readily available with us and you can suggest various treatments to your clients using them individually or in combination.
This Holi prepare your hair and skin in advance to enjoy a joyful and carefree Holi.

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