Camphor reminds you of the menthol-like pleasing smell instantly setting you at ease. It has those perfectly balanced aromatic and healing qualities which bring upon a sense of tranquility and relief. For almost a year now, we are amidst a global pandemic that has created havoc around us. In such turbulent times, keeping up with your physical and mental health is of utmost importance. Camphor possesses all those qualities which help to keep the perfect balance between the two. Thus, availing this super product to your clients will be an excellent and beneficial deal for you and your clients.

Camphor has an ethereal quality, and the benefits are endless. It is extracted from the bark of camphor trees, scientifically known as Cinnamomum Camphora. It is a highly used ingredient in ointments, balm, vapour rubs and salves. Our Charismatic Camphor Oil is a good product that brings together the multiple benefits of Camphor in a ready-to-use form. Using it in diffusers has a soothing effect, dispersing the essential oil, whereby it can instantly create an environment filled with positive vibes, which are necessary in such challenging times. Camphor fumes have a calming effect on your mind which helps in being in a peaceful and positive state and induces sound sleep. It has certain sacred, pure, and divine qualities attached to it, bringing in a positive flow of energy and making it one of the best atmospherics.

The piquant-smelling Camphor induces sleep, reduces pain and itching. It also highly beneficial for your hair growth and effective in alleviating skin rashes and irritation. It possesses decongestion properties and is proven to be effective in curing a cold and cough and clear mucus and phlegm which is an important aspect of health that we need to take care of in current times.

Camphor has several benefits which will help in maintaining good health in general. Additionally, Camphor has antifungal and antibacterial properties which promote respiratory health and acts as a major healing agent. It promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes, boosts metabolism and enhances bowel movements. The analgesic and anaesthetic properties of Camphor reduce anxiety and nervousness, hence enhancing mental health.

We bring to you and your client’s Camphor oil, as a highly health stimulating organic alternative. It not only ensures an improvement in the external surrounding but also improves internal health. It ensures a healthy environment brimming with positivity, removing all the negative energy and at the same time eliminates all the viruses & disease-causing microbes. However, the benefits just do not end here, but as discussed earlier it has a range of potential health benefits which act as a shield to fight against the Coronavirus mentally and physically. Bring this product today to your salons and spas and let your clients benefit from this all-encompassing Charismatic Camphor Oil. Purity and quality standards are of prime importance to us therefore Anita’s Aromatics sources the purest Camphor Oil with all its beneficial properties intact.

Bring in the Charismatic Camphor Essential Oil today and let your customers avail the benefits and rejuvenate with this super beneficial camphor oil. Essential oils are primarily used in aromatherapy which promotes health and well-being and Camphor further adds to its effectiveness.

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