Holi is one of the most cheerful festivals, and it brings about the much-needed splash of colour into our dull lives.

Though we love this festival a lot, we have to admit that the same colours that are a pleasure to play with are also the most harmful to the skin and hair. Even though the label says ORGANIC, most of these colours contain certain amounts of chemicals that cause damage.

There are many tips and tricks that you can use before Holi to try and protect your hair and skin from these harmful chemicals. But many times, one doesn’t have the time to prepare in advance and often ends up with irritated skin and hair post-Holi.

You have had a wonderful time playing with your friends and family and created cherished memories. But now it is time to face the consequence of the revelry.
We at Anita’s Aromatics believe that you should have a fabulous fun Holi and leave the after-care to us. We will ensure that your hair and skin are back to their previous glory in no time.

For the Face
Your face takes a direct and maximum onslaught of the colour that is thrown at you. And though the colour is washed out, the harsh chemicals create havoc with your skin in the short time that they are on your face. Hence it is vital to indulge in a post-Holi facial that is crafted to heal and soothe your skin.

Deep Pore Facial kit
Ideal for dry to normal skin, this facial is like a moisture bomb for your face. Power-packed with fruit enzymes, it refreshes your skin. It is also infused with amazing essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile, which deeply nourish your face. We have also included an Apricot scrub in this kit to help you remove any residual traces of chemical from your face.

Tea tree shine Facial kit
Oily skin though more resilient is still prone to irritation and inflammation. To help you deal with it, we have this special kit. This facial will gently but thoroughly remove pollutants from your skin. Fortified with Tea tree oil and Apple Cider vinegar, it replenishes the face without making it too oily.

For the Body
Though the skin on your body is not too exposed, it still would have felt the after-effects of Holi. Plus, having so much fun can also be a bit tiring. So why not lie back and relax?

Coffee Scrub
Nothing rejuvenates the body and soul like caffeine. Rich in anti-oxidants, this coffee scrub is precisely what your body needs after the hectic Holi celebrations. Infused with mineral salts and almond oil, this scrub will scrub away all the fatigue and revitalize you.

For the Hair
Your hair also takes a significant brunt of the chemical colours showered on you during the festivities. And it can use some love. We have the perfect treatment for you to use post-Holi.

Deep conditioning treatment
Blend 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil with 5 tablespoons of Argan Oil. Mix it well and keep it ready for use. Heat the required quantity of this blended oil in the microwave till it is comfortably warm. Take your favourite conditioner in a bowl and whip in the oil. Keep whipping till you have a smooth mixture. Apply this all over your hair, especially the ends. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for 45 minutes. Wash as usual.
This treatment will deeply condition your hair and make them smooth and glossy.

Whatever the problem, we have the solution for it. So this Holi, don’t shy away from the colours. You enjoy the festival and rely on us to take care of your skin and hair.

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