Today change is the only constant. Though most of the changes have proven to be beneficial for us, certain aspects still need improvement. One such aspect is the kind of lifestyle every individual has currently adopted. Stress, poor sleep schedules and eating habits, lack of tranquillity, constant exposure to pollution, and so much more. These disbalances are the primary reasons of attracting toxins.

All of these can be hazardous to the body leading to an end number of health issues. Our skin is at the most risk as it is completely exposed. Being porous it readily absorbs toxins. As a result, internal health issues as well as external pollutants both tend to get projected on one’s skin. Thus, it becomes essential to get rid of these toxins that can otherwise wreak havoc.

We at Anita’s Aromatics understand these hazards, and thus to balance them perfectly, find Aromatherapy the most suitable option for all. One should definitely try out our products to reap the benefits of the natural plants’ extracts in our range of aromatic products.

Our products are widely preferred by the leading salons and spas in India.

You can find our products in most of the established salons and spas and can also directly order from our website.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of our premium products that will enable you to get rid of the toxins that your skin is prey to.

  1. Coffee Scrub

Coffee is usually considered the best skin booster, and our coffee scrub is part of our exotic coffee range. It is rife with the goodness of mineral salts, coffee powder, wheat germ oil, almond oil and much more. Caffeine is highly beneficial for the skin and helps deal with various skin issues. The scrub helps in reducing puffiness and cellulite, cleans pores, fights acne, retains moisture, and removes wrinkles. With high antioxidant content, this scrub is exactly what your body needs to detox.

  1. Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor oil has been used as a stress buster for centuries and is highly beneficial in many ways. It is high in antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight toxins. Our Camphor Essential oil is pure, retaining all its natural goodness. The camphor vapours can be dispersed in the air via a diffuser, which helps induce a positive ambience, warding off negative vibes. Due to its analgesic and anaesthetic properties, it helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, rendering a peaceful state of mind. The strong smell of camphor, when inhaled, activates the limbic system and relaxes the mind.

  1. Deep Pore Moist Facial Kit

This facial kit will help get rid of every ounce of toxins from your face. It helps in the deep cleaning of the pores. It is filled with Niacinamide, AHA fruit enzyme, Lavender, Chamomile and Turmeric essential oil. Each kit comes with a cleanser, apricot scrub, toner, AHA massage cream and milk protein mask. This kit helps balance Ph levels, effective oil control, kill acne-causing bacteria, and remove dead skin cells.

  1. Tea Tree Shine Clear Kit

This kit is the knight in shining armour for your skin. The goodness of Tea Tree essential oil actively eliminates toxins caused by pollution, grease, oil and dirt. The kit entails a cleanser, apricot scrub, toner, tea tree gel and tea tree masque. It helps in fighting against fungal infections, stops acne, kills bacteria and removes dead skin cells. In addition, the aloe vera heals and restores skin health.

Aromatherapy is proven to yield promising results. Get riddance from the shackles of toxins by using the purest aromatic products by Anita’s Aromatics. Reach out to us or visit our website for more information.

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