“We are a culture of festivals. A way to celebrate all aspects of life.”


Festivals forms the of crux of the Indian society. It connects us to our family, tradition and culture. All our festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. Leaving aside every worry of our usual life, it is during festivals we all come along enjoy, and celebrate with great zeal and gusto.

We are assured that now with the last months of the year remaining, you have already celebrated most of the festivals. Well, as enticing celebrating festivals sounds, it is equally draining post celebration. Adorning different looks, preparing for different ceremonies, attending various gatherings and way too many other things keep on happening. All of it has an impact on you especially your skin and your mental energy. Thus, it then becomes necessary to revive all the energy to get back to hustling life. Too much happens to soon and there is zero time to rest. Therefore, at the end the body yearns for replenishment.

We at Anita Aromatics believe that a proper post festive self-care regime is essential to repair, replenish and rejuvenate yourself.

Post festive self-care is something that you should not ignore. Your body gets tired and needs some guilt-free pampering. Therefore, revitalizing via meditation aromatherapy, massage and facials is extremely effective. As known to all, aromatic products have distinct healing properties. One should opt for aromatherapy for such post festive self-care regime. At Anita’s Aromatics, we provide the purest aromatic products extracted from plants, unadulterated.

Here are some of our exclusive ranges of products which will keep a check on your post festive self-care:


Infused with the goodness of charcoal, the Black Pearl Range, actively helps to get rid of every ounce of impurity from your skin. It helps in improving skin health by effective oil control and acne removal. Get a smooth, glowing, and squeaky-clean skin with the Black Pearl Mask. This body ritual is perfect to start off your post festive chill out regime.


Chocolate is a skin booster for various reasons. This kit works wonders for your hands and feet rituals. It leaves your skin supple and soft to the touch and provides complete relaxation and nourishment. Pamper your skin with chocolate extracts, shea butter, cocoa butter, and Seaweed extracts. This is one heavenly treat that is well deserved after the hectic celebrations.


Frankincense when used during meditation via a diffuser, helps in easing out anxiety, aiding sleep and complete relaxation. It creates an ambience of peace and an aura of overall wellness. This oil is also the perfect product to apply on dry and tired skin to bring back the glow.


This massage oil gives effective results when used to massage using the ancient Ayurvedic technique which involves pouring oil on your forehead as a form of massage. Shirodhara stimulates vital points around the head improving blood circulation. Usually followed by a head massage, this treatment provides complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Celebrating festivals can be exhausting but with a range of our pure aromatic products be assured to revitalise and get back to the busy life. Try out our range of aromatic products for promising results. Reach out to us via our website or social media handles to know more about our products.

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