Corona and the large-scale havoc it has brought along are devastating, heartbreaking and scary. With the second wave of Corona hitting our country, there is a massive spike in the number of positive cases. We hope that you, your families and your customers are safe and sound. Corona as a virus affects our respiratory system and brings along various other side effects. However, the situation doesn’t end there. The after-effects of Corona are equally harrowing. It just doesn’t affect our health, but severe effects are felt by our skin too. 

The skin issues during or after Corona range from infections, rashes, Covid toes, blisters, blotches, itchiness and various other issues which irritate your skin. Additionally, the increased use of sanitisers, cleansers, soaps, hand washes and other means to sanitise yourself further causes various skin issues.

Corona can be fatal, and it can have adverse effects on your skin. Fever, quarantines, dehydration, rashes and other health issues related to Covid, in turn, disturbs the natural balance of the skin where the pH value of 5.5 is the optimum range. However, it can be disturbed, making your skin too acidic, leading to inflammatory skin and, if too alkaline, leading to flaky, red skin. Both conditions can severely affect your skin. Thus it becomes essential to restore the natural skin balance. Using pure products free from chemicals and filled with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other super components can help. Our premier range of products is made of the purest ingredients giving safety and purity standards utmost importance.

Along with external care, drinking lots of fluids and following a good diet can work wonders and help in healing and repairing your skin faster.

However, we believe that after giving a tough fight to this vicious Coronavirus, your clients need that extra care to heal completely. Following good skincare and haircare regime, including facial and manicure and pedicure, will not just act as a stress reliever but also nourish your skin.

We bring you these exclusive products to ensure that you give your clients, which they can use within the comfort and safety of their homes. These products will lift their spirits and provide them with the much-needed self-pampering.

Facial Range – Dead Sea Facial Kit

This extraordinary facial kit is a power booster and effectively provides the nourishing boost with your skin requires. It moisturises your skin, makes it radiant and healthy and blocks premature ageing. The product is filled with the goodness of Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera extracts, multivitamins, arbutin, and extracts of horse chestnut, which helps repair and nourish your skin. The kit consists of a cleanser, scrub, toner, Dead Sea serum, massage cream and peel-off mask. It not only heals the skin but helps in healing and relaxing, which is much needed.

Hands and Feet Ritual- Deep Nourishment Kit 

As the name suggests, this deep nourishment kit provides supreme nourishment for your skin repairing and giving it the utmost care it needs. It consists of Himalayan Peach extracts, and Shea Butter acts as great moisturising agents that repairs, heals and nourishes your skin, making it soft and healthy. It also consists of almond oil, Vitamin E and other essential oils, which help to mend your skin.

We have your back and want you to support your customers by providing various beauty solutions to help them feel better after a bout of illness without having to step out. Introduce our products and let them benefit from the best by Anita’s Aromatics.

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